We knew that this was coming, the Sports Series and the most affordable car from Mclaren. Finally they revealed the car at the 2015, New York Auto Show and christened it as the 570S. Just like all of you we too are equally excited about this new Coupe which gets some of its genes from the P1 and the 670S. In this video Mr. Chris Goodwin who is Chief Test Driver for Mclaren explains all the details about the newest addition to the British auto manufacturer’s stable.

The Mclaren 570S as explained by Mr. Goodwin is a driver’s car which focuses on performance. It’s a true sportscar in every sense and to make this car even special Mclaren has used a carbon fibre chassis which or in other words also called a carbon monocoque structure which helps in reducing the overall weight. As a result of that reduced overall weight the Coupe is extremely agile and also fuel efficient at the same time. When we talked about fuel efficiency we should definitely talk about its heart so the new 570S Coupe is powered by a 3.8 Litre Turbo charged engine which has been revised heavily, this unit is capable of producing about 570 Ps of peak power and an impressive 600 Nm of torque. So what you can actually do with all that power? Mclaren 570S Coupe can sprint from 0-100km/h mark in 3.2 seconds while it can touch top speed of 324 km/h mark.

2016 Mclaren 570S
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Coming to the styling as Mr. Goodwin explained that most of the priority was given behind the performance and how it drives which does not mean at all that Mclaren has ignored the styling of this car. The 570S Coupe looks typical Mclaren in every way those signature Mclaren headlamps and the aggressive looking aero blades towards the front while the dihedral doors too is present even in this Coupe. Mr. Good win also added that the car has been designed to focus on daily driving so be it any road or even track the 570S will respond to your call.

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