What will do, if you are sitting behind the wheel of a gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador? Well, we assume you might take the car for a scorching track ride or you can burn the highways or even you can cruise through the city traffic and grab lots of appreciating curious eyes. But, certainly you wouldn’t want to take this car for a bumpy off roading drive, will you?

But in this video, the owner or the driver behind the wheels did just that. It looks somewhere in Middle East and as you know plenty of people there spend enormous amount of money behind expensive cars. But as it seems, some people might have a little brain for driving knowledge. Probably that is why; this guy was driving this exotic car in the desert sand, like it is a 4x4 SUV out there. As it seems, the owner or the driver of this car is not concerned about the potential scratches to this car or even any mechanical damage too, which can be easily caused by the sand grains.

Video Source: DPCcars

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