This is the ultimate battle of supercars and the two contenders that you will notice in this video are the Mclaren P1 and the Ferrari La Ferrari. Now both these hybrid supercars pack a lot of punch and are powered by both petrol and electric motor for that extra bit of boost.

The P1 weighs just 1400 Kilograms and produces about 903 Bhp of peak power which gives you an idea of how fast and extreme this car can be while the La Ferrari on the other hand weighs about 1350 Kilograms and produces even more power than the P1, 950 Bhp to be exact. If you like wicked exhaust note and all those power waiting to be unleashed with just a little push on the gas throttle then you should definitely watch this video (watch the 2:07 part of the video and you can see the brutal acceleration of the P1). Both these car not only looks good but also provides tremendous amount of grip but still you can’t really stop yourself from swinging out the rear section of the car intentionally specially in turns but that’s the real fun part of driving a sportscar right?

Now the folks at Car magazine try to find out which car is a better handling machine and comes out with an interesting conclusion watch the video and find it out.

Source: You Tube

Riju Ganguly
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