Mclaren will be unveiling a completely new car at the upcoming Geneva Motor show this March and we all are excited about it afterall it is coming out from the stable of one of the most established and well known Auto manufacturers of the World Mclaren. The upcoming car will be called the 675 LT and it will compete directly with the already popular Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Until now Mclaren has not yet revealed any technical details of the car. The upcoming car is expected to be more powerful and wild variant of the already popular 650 S. Now the standard car is powered by a 3.8 Litre V8 unit which produces about 641 Bhp of peak power while expect the 675 LT to produce even more power than the standard variant. The 675 LT surely will be an attention grabber just like any other Mclaren cars and will also feature ultra lightweight aluminium exhaust pipes. Mclaren will also use many lightweight materials in its construction to reduce the overall weight while it will also shed some extra weight from its interiors by removing all the so called comfort features which are usually available inside the cabin of the standard car.

This soon to be unveiled track focused 675 LT will be in equal league with the well known Ferrari FXXK and the P1 GTR. Until then we all have to wait till March to finally be able to see the car in flesh and before our very own eyes.

Watch the videos to get an idea of the upcoming car from Mclaren.

Riju Ganguly
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