Supercar and sportscar really fascinates us and owning one once in a lifetime is surely everyone’s dream but have we ever though how practical are they in real life situation and can you use them on a daily basis just like any other hatchback or sedan in a city traffic or normal roads.

In this video this person gives you a live example of the good and bad bits of owning a supercar. As you can watch that the person owns an Audi R8 and he describes very clearly what problems he faces when he takes his R8 on a normal road for a spin or even to work. Now as we all know that almost every supercar are wider and then a standard hatch or even a sedan so parking in tight spaces or even making your way through the narrow roads causes a huge problem for the person driving the car. You always also have to be alert when you are parking your precious car afterall you don’t want any bruises or scratches on your supercar body. Another big problem that a supercar owner faces is the low ride height of the supercar, even little bumps on the roads can cause a real problem for the driver.

This is one impressive video which shows you the other sides of owning a supercar.

Riju Ganguly
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