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Toyota Sedans In India

We look back as some of most Toyota’s most successful sedans in India to date

Toyota is one of the most trusted and dependable carmakers in the market right now. They offer well-built, comfortable, and reliable products such as the renowned Innova and the Fortuner. While the Toyota SUVs have always been appreciated for their utility vehicles, the sedans in the brand’s line-up too have always offered a great package to anyone looking for a premium and spacious vehicle.

Over the years, the Japanese carmaker introduced a number of sedans in the Indian market, and here is everything you need to know about Toyota sedans in India.

The best Toyota sedan car in India?

Toyota Sedans In India
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Most of the Toyota sedan cars provide a spacious, comfortable, and a safe cabin

Toyota offered a long list of cars in the Indian market including Toyota Etios, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Camry, and the Toyota Yaris. All these sedans not only offered a comfortable and spacious cabin but also had an extremely reliable powertrain. However, despite offering a no-nonsense package, most of these highly competent sedans were discontinued. The Japanese maker is now all set to introduce a number of new cars in the market including the new Camry Hybrid and the upcoming Toyota Belta.

Toyota Etios - The Cheapest Toyota Sedan

Toyota Sedans In India
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The Toyota Etios was the most affordable Toyota sedan on sale in the Indian market

The Toyota Etios was the most affordable sedan in the brand’s portfolio and in addition to a four-star safety rating, also offered an extremely spacious and comfortable cabin. The car boasted refined and reliable diesel and petrol engines while the long-term maintenance too was better than most of the rivals.

Toyota Corolla Altis - The Distinguished Sedan

Toyota Sedans In India
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The global best seller Corolla was another popular choice to the likes of the Honda Civic and the Skoda Octavia

With rivals like the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla Altis faced stiff competition in the market but still managed to dominate the sales figures with its segment-leading comfort levels and a premium cabin that offered acres of space. The Corolla Altis also offered several impressive features and sorted ergonomics that made it an extremely practical car. The Toyota Corolla still enjoys strong demand in the used car market.

Toyota Camry - The Sensible Sedan

Toyota Sedans In India
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Speaking of new Toyota sedans, the 2022 Camry Hybrid Refresh just went on sale. Swipe up to read more about Toyota’s sedans over the years.

The Toyota Camry was the most expensive sedan in the brand’s line-up and offered a premium cabin along with an advanced hybrid powertrain. The car also became one of the longest-selling Toyota sedans in India and is now all set to enter into its next generation.

The hybrid powertrain also makes it the most fuel-efficient petrol Toyota sedan in India. Having said this, the Japanese carmaker is now all set to introduce the new 2022 Camry in the Indian market. This new iteration of the Camry will likely feature the same 2.5-L hybrid motor that delivers a combined power output of 215 bhp and comes mated to a 6-step CVT transmission.

The Toyota Belta

Toyota Sedans In India
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The Yaris may be gone, but Toyota is now all set to introduce the Suzuki Ciaz-based Belta sedan in India

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There are strong rumours in the market that Toyota is all set to launch the new Belta sedan in India. The Belta will be based on the Maruti Ciaz and will feature the same 1.5-L petrol engine and similar capabilities. Once launched, the Belta will take on the rivals like Honda City, Hyundai Verna, and the Skoda Slavia. In addition to this, the Belta will be the most affordable sedan in the brand’s line-up.


Which Toyota Sedan car gives the highest mileage in India?
The Toyota Etios diesel was the most fuel-efficient Toyota sedan and offered the highest mileage in India. The car boasted a fuel-claimed fuel economy of 23.59 km/L. The Toyota Corolla Altis diesel is the second most fuel-efficient sedan.

Which is the best Toyota Sedan car to buy?
Toyota is only selling one sedan, the Camry, in the Indian market. The brand is also working on introducing the Ciaz-based Toyota Belta sedan in India.

Which is the cheapest Toyota Sedan car in India?
The now-discontinued Etios was the cheapest Toyota sedan car in India. Having said this, while the Camry is extremely expensive, it is the upcoming Belta that will take the crown of the cheapest Toyota sedan car in India.

What sedan does Toyota make?
Currently, Toyota is only making the Camry for the Indian market. The upcoming Toyota Belta will be manufactured by Maruti Suzuki.

What is Toyota’s largest sedan?
In India, the Toyota Camry is the largest and the most expensive Toyota sedan on sale.

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