Maruti-Suzuki once again takes the lead with their fuel efficient cars

Indian customers at large are very much price sensitive. When it comes to buying cars, they first think of the cost effectiveness like how much would be the maintenance cost, what could be the fuel efficiency etc. Ahead of luxury they think about utility, and cars are still an option for Indian customers just for going to point B from point A, nothing else.

Therefore it is proven that to become successful in Indian market automakers need to keep a close eye on the fuel efficiency figure. Although many Indian customers are now opening up towards new cars, which are not so fuel efficient, rather performance oriented, but large number of customers still looks for fuel economy first.

Here we have chosen the most fuel efficient cars which are popular in our country. Let’s take a look.


2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel Exterior High Quality
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Maruti-Suzuki cars have always been the most favorite cars in Indian market because of their easy handling, cost effective maintenance and better fuel economy. When Maruti-Suzuki launched the Celerio in Indian market it became an immense hit, not only because it is a diesel car, neither because it comes with an Automated Manual transmission saving the driver from clutch-gear hassle in bumper to bumper traffic, but because of the great fuel efficiency as well. Being an AMT car it offered a fuel efficiency of 27.6 kmpl, which has been unbelievable. The small 800 cc engine under the hood of this compact hatchback is certainly the most popular, most affordable fuel efficient car in India.

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2016 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire ZDI AMT Exterior
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There is absolutely no shame in accepting that we Indians want as much as possible expending as short as possible. No other automaker knows the Indian customers than Maruti-Suzuki. When the Indo Japanese automaker launched the Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire compact sedan in Indian market, it stirred a strong ripple in the market. Not only that, this car and the brand also responsible for the popularity of compact sedan we experience now a days. Yes, Maruti-Suzuki Swift Dzire is one of the most popular and very much fuel efficient cars in India with its 26.59 kmpl economy.

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2014 Honda City
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Not only Japanese electronic goods, but we also love Japanese cars, and that reflects in the huge popularity of Honda City sedan. The widely popular sedan delivers a fuel efficiency of 26 kmpl along with the charm of premium comfort. Do you need anything more to be a fan of this car?

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2015 Ford Figo High Quality
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Ford Figo is quite popular in Indian market, because of its compactness, the stylish look, upmarket appeal. Recently Ford has launched an all new Figo compact hatchback which looks more stylish and appealing than the previous version. The new car comes with upmarket features inside the cabin and it also delivers a fuel efficiency of 25.83 kmpl, which can be seen in its compact sedan sibling Ford Figo Aspire as well.

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2016 Honda Amaze Exterior
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Hondas Amaze is another compact sedan in Indian market which has become immense popular in recent times. Despite steep competition in the compact sedan segment Honda Amaze has managed to stay afloat in the market. Recently Honda has launched an all new Amaze which looks stylish and feature laden. It delivers a fuel efficiency of 25.8 kmpl.

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