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This Visually Enticing Modified Thar Will Definitely Turn Heads

The additions made to this Mahindra have improved both its functionality and visual appeal

The Mahindra Thar is an impressive car that holds a very strong position in the Indian 4X4 car market. It’s safe to say that we rarely see a stock Thar on the road, and it is common nowadays for owners to get their Mahindra Thar modified inside out.

Choosing what type of modification and the combination would look good on their beast, generally confuses many of the owners and proves to be a headache. To ease a little bit of strain from we bring you an exclusive Thar modification which not only looks great but also gets practical and usable add-ons with it. How special is this mod by Azad 4X4? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

What’s Different On The Outside?

This Visually Enticing Modified Thar Will Definitely Turn Heads
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With this modified Thar, a lot of changes have been made to the exteriors of the vehicle. Firstly, talking about the front of the vehicle, it gets an original Jeep Wrangler bumper along with more powerful LED bars and fog lamps that prove to be very useful while off-roading. The stock halogen headlamps have been replaced with LED units that feature circular DRLs and look impressive.

The hood of the vehicle also gets a functional air scoop, giving it a more aggressive stance. In addition to better looks, the car now also boasts better functionality. Coming to the sides, it gets custom-made side steps that help in easy ingress and egress from the vehicle. At the rear, it gets a bumper similar to what we saw on the 10th anniversary of the Jeep Wrangler with a coating to protect it from scratches when taken off-road.

How Special Are The Interiors

This Visually Enticing Modified Thar Will Definitely Turn Heads
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The cabin also features a new after-market armrest at the front

It’s a must say that the car now gets custom interiors that look appealing while the fit and finish levels too, are commendable. To begin with, the trim elements of the dashboard and side doors get a custom hydro-drip finish in carbon fibre pattern and give a premium look to the cabin.

The seats get new red-black custom covers with a diamond quilt pattern. The after-market armrests at the front and at the rear feature the same custom design. Along with this, it gets official wild boar grab handles making it extremely easy for passengers to move in or out of the vehicle.

This Visually Enticing Modified Thar Will Definitely Turn Heads
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This new Thar gets sliding rear windows

Another notable change in the cabin is the inclusion of the sliding window at the rear. Well, this add-on isn’t what we see usually in every Thar and is an impressive add-on, not only because it allows a well-ventilated rear row but also allows the rear passengers to have a good look at the outside environment and connect with nature when on tour.

Do you need these mods?

This Visually Enticing Modified Thar Will Definitely Turn Heads
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The Mahindra Thar is more of a lifestyle product that the owners modify to express their personality and ideas. Modification like these not only improves the looks of the car but also contributes to better functionality, practicality, and capabilities.

If you’re somebody who not only wants to improve the exclusivity of your vehicle but in addition to that you want a more personalized experience, then mods like these can be great choices for you. In addition to that, if you’re someone who uses their vehicle in extreme road conditions be it night drives or be it off-roading trails, these are the modifications that you should definitely look out for.

Source: New Mahindra Thar Modified - Sliding Windows, Aggressive Hood, Front Bumper, Grille & More

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