Tata Punch is already a very capable vehicle in its segment. With such changes, the micro SUV can definitely do much more

Tata Punch already is the most capable vehicle in the segment. It has got the true-blue SUV inspired looks and with such changes, it will attract a lot of attention on the roads. Such changes can also make the Punch more capable. However, Tata may not launch an official edition with such changes.

Tata has officially unveiled the upcoming Punch and it is undoubtedly the most capable vehicle in the segment. In the past, Tata has introduced special variants like Harrier Dark Edition, Safari Persona Edition with only visual changes. What if Tata launches the all-new Punch off-road edition?

While the chances are slim, we would like to keep our hopes high. Here are rendered images of the Tata Punch off-road edition. The images are imagined by Alpha_Renders on Instagram and show what the Punch will look like with off-road modifications.
The images show the Tata Punch with a long list of aftermarket accessories and changes that make it even more capable on the off-road sections.

Tata Punch's off-road edition looks Ladakh ready!
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The stock Tata Punch gets 187mm of ground clearance and more than 300mm of water wading capability.

The off-road edition gets changes like tinted headlamps and orange highlights on the lower part of the grille. The Tata Punch already looks quite muscular so there is no need for any changes to add a dominating look to the vehicle.
The dual-colour Tata Punch also gets auxiliary lamps too. There are a couple of them in the front below the grille and four of them are mounted to the roof of the car.
The stock alloy wheels are now replaced with new deep-dish off-road rims. While the tyres come from Toyo. These are rugged-terrain tyres that provide much better grip than the stock versions.

Tata Punch's off-road edition looks Ladakh ready!
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Tata Punch definitely looks like a true SUV unlike other cars in its segment and price bracket.

The rear does not get many changes. There is a soft-top box for carrying essentials. While all the chrome is now replaced with black. The vehicle also looks much better because of the aggressive stance it has got due to the new tyres.

Can Tata Punch do off-roading?

Tata has done a fantastic job when adding off-roading capabilities to the Punch. It gets the highest approach angle, highest departure angle and also the breakover angle in the segment. Tata has also added features like Pro-Traction mode that provides torque from the low rpm.

Will Tata launch such a variant?

It is highly unlikely that Tata will take so much effort for such a variant. The changes in this rendering image will require Tata to homologate the vehicle again and it is a long process. Most certainly though, Tata will offer some kits at the dealership level that add more ruggedness to the vehicle.

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