The domestic passenger vehicle sales were only high while the rest of has seen a steep decline in overall sales figures

Tata Motors released their sales report for the month of May stating positive growth that their passenger vehicle segment has received over the course of the month of May 2017. Their report says that they have seen a positive growth percentage of 27% during the mentioned month as compared to the corresponding month in 2016. Tata Motors has sold a total of 10,855 units of their domestic vehicle during the month of May 2017. This was all possible because of the high demands of their recently launched cars like the Tigor, Tiago->article and the Hexa.

On the other hand, they also have witnessed a decline of 4 percent in their overall sales number. The Auto manufacturer has sold a total of 38,361 vehicles compared to 40,123 vehicles in May 2016. The company’s overall commercial vehicles sales in May 2017, in the domestic market, were at 23,606 nos which are lower by 13% over May 2016.

Besides all these, the homegrown Auto manufacturers exports were at 3,900 nos. in May 2017 which has seen a steep decline of 12% compared to 4,428 vehicles sold in May 2016. The export market has taken a hit because of the Retail drop of SCV in Sri Lanka after the steep increase in import tariffs in late 2016 and also because of weak demand in Nepal because of their election process.

Riju Ganguly
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