In a country where people break coconuts, and pray to god when they buy and bring a new car home, and while they almost worship their car, it is quite expected, that those people want their car right; as we say; from head to toe.

In recent times small passenger vehicles or rather say compact hatchbacks has done quite well in the great Indian automotive race, as people of this country looks for a car which will serve their purpose for daily commuting, highway drives at occasional weekends, as well as they expect this car to give an extensive mileage, as many people mockingly say, the first thing an Indian buyer asks in the showroom, “How much does it give (Mileage)?” Apart from that, the present generation of automobile customers’ looks for another thing, which is automatic transmission, as driving through congested Indian roads needs a person quite some skills and experience to drive properly with constantly shifting gears.

In this segment Maruti Suzuki Celerio has done quite well in recent times, as it came with a technology Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), which is a good alternative of conventional automatic transmission system. A few months back Maruti Suzuki launched the diesel version of Celerio, although it came with manual gear box, but still this diesel variant managed to be popular, as the name Celerio was already in the mind of people at large, and a diesel powered car is always hot favourite for common Indian people, as the fuel is cheaper than petrol and thus the fuel economy saves quite a few extra bucks.

The prime competitor for Celerio diesel is basically one and only Chevrolet Beat diesels, as these are two small diesel hatches in Indian market with a compact budget. And Celerio is practically the most loved hatchback of the country.

Here we tried to bring our readers a quick look at the spec sheet based comparison review between these two small diesel powered hatchbacks.


Spec comparison : Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel Competing vehicle Exterior
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Both of these cars have been in Indian market for quite some time, and Celerio too didn’t come with any cosmetic changes with its diesel avatar. So far the designs are very familiar with the people. Celerio is basically plain and simple looking car, practically without any designing so far, although sometimes simplicity is best, and Celerio proves that very right in this case, where as the Beat comes with some heavy styling in that little body, which is probably exceptional in the class.

Spec comparison : Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel Competing vehicle Exterior
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Coming to Celerios design, at the front we can see rectangular large head lamps, while there are two chrome slats sitting neatly at the centre and sporting a Maruti Suzuki emblem at the middle, while two round shaped fog lamps sitting perfectly in the large front bumper. The side profile too is simple indeed with a slight character line running from the front wheel arch to the rear tail lamp, while at the rear we don’t see anything unusual, and that makes the entire exterior pretty simple.

Spec comparison : Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel Competing vehicle Exterior
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In case of Beat, we must say it is very unusual looking and heavily styled car comes at this price range. At the front of this car we can see swept back clear lens large headlamps, which sports black accents highlighting the outline of the headlamp cluster. The front grille area comes with sleek chrome lining. The fog lamps are also sitting in the middle of a black cluster, which simply highlights the lamps. The side profile is impressive than the Celerio. There are sharp cuts and creases running at the sides, while above both of wheel arches we can see character lines to highlight the arches. The rear profile of this car is something really heavy, as it comes with large tail lamps, mixed with both colored and clear lens, as well as the lamps are highlighted with a sleek red lining highlighting the outline of the tail lamps. There is a rear spoiler too which sports LED lamps; which adds on the style quotient to this cars over all style statement. It got roof rails too, which make this car look powerful.

Beat comes 40 mm larger in length, but when it comes to width and height, Celerio wins, along with that wheelbase of Celerio is larger than the Beat. Although Chevy Beat delivers a powerful note through small body, but that impressive feature is also a thumb down point for this car, as many buyers of our country want a simple looking car while buying a small family hatchback, and thus the Celerio wins the heart.


Specifications Maruti Suzuki Celerio Chevrolet Beat
Length 3600 mm 3640 mm
Width 1600 mm 1595 mm
Height 1560 mm 1520 mm (1550 mm with roof rails)
Wheelbase 2425 mm 2375 mm
Ground clearance 165 mm 175 mm
Turning radius 4.7 meter 4.85 meter


Spec comparison : Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel Competing vehicle Interior
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Although the interior of the Chevy Beat looks superior rather than Celerio, but the real story is at the top end variants both the cars at the same level when it comes to the features. Although the designing of Beat dashboard is just awesome, while the Celerios dashboard is neat and perfect with simple look and dual tone colour scheme. The leg room and headroom for Celerio is pretty good, while the Beat gives a squeezing feel as it is pretty small indeed. The doors of Beat too are something a buyer won’t want to like as it may cause trouble for elder persons to enter the car cabin. Beside that Celerio has better boot space inside with 235 liter of measurement, while the beat has only 170 liter boot space.

So over all, when it comes to interior designing, Celerios goes ahead with its practicality while looking at the design I would like to choose the Beat first.

Let’s take a comparative look at the interior features of these cars.


Specifications Maruti Suzuki Celerio Chevrolet Beat
Power steering Yes Yes
AC Manual Manual
Heater Yes Yes
Power window Front and Rear Front only
Boot space 235 liter 170 liter


2015 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel High Quality
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Coming to the power output, Chevrolet Beat really beats Celerio with its 936 cc displacing diesel engine compare to the 793 cc engine of the Celerio, and to be mentioned, both the cars come with 5 speed manual transmission system. Beat comes with a maximum power output of 57 bhp which is 10 bhp more powerful than the Celerios 47 bhp. Although Celerio comes with 125 Nm torque amount, which means it won’t be gasping for breath in city run with its short amount of power output, but Beat beats the Celerio in case of torque output too with its 150 Nm. Which means Beat can easily beat the Celerio in city challenge and it can perform quite okay in highways too, still Celerio has every reason to outdo the Beat.

What is that?

Well, fuel economy of course. Celerio has a fuel economy rate of 27.62 kmpl, which is really outstanding, while the Beat has a fuel consumption rate of 25.44 kmpl.


Specifications Maruti Suzuki Celerio Chevrolet Beat
Displacement 793 cc 936 cc
Peak power 47 bhp 57 bhp
Maximum torque 125 Nm 150 Nm
Transmission 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Fuel economy 27.62 kmpl 25.44 kmpl


Both of this cars are city based small hatchbacks with a tight budget, so both of it come with minimum safety measurements. Although the top end variants come with features like dual airbags, anti lock brake system.


Celerio and Beat, both the cars come with different price tags for different trims. Comparatively Celerio is cheaper than the Beat, with the price range of 4.65-5.71 lakhs, while the Beat has a price range of 5.05-6.28 lakhs.

Let’s take a look at the price variations based on different trims.


Maruti Suzuki Celerio Trims Price Chevrolet Beat Trims Price
LDi 4.65 lakh PS 5.05 lakh
Vdi 4.95 lakh LS 5.34 lakh
ZDi 5.25 lakh LT 5.77 lakh
ZDi (O) 5.71 lakh LT Opt 6.28 lakh

• Ex-showroom price (New Delhi)


Spec comparison : Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat Diesel Competing vehicle Exterior
- image 514531

Both the cars are quite popular, but Maruti Suzuki Celerio diesel is definitely the winner at the end of the day as it comes with a decent look, spacious interior, better fuel economy, better handling and of course cheaper price tag. Beat too is a good package in budget with all that it has got.

So far, I would like to say, if it is about tight budget, then go for Celerio without any second thought, and if you are looking for an ‘All is well’ package, then get a Beat.

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