Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia
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Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia

The fourth generation Fabia breaks cover. But will this come to India anytime soon?

The Skoda Fabia was the first Supermini or premium hatchback to be launched in India. However, with time, it was taken off the market. Skoda has now showcased the all new 2022 model and we are curious if this could make it back to India next year or not

Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia
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This new Skoda does look bling, eh? The fourth generation model was unveiled earlier this year but now, we have access to more (official) images and can’t stop thinking about how the new Fabia would look on Indian roads. Afterall, this is the same model that started the trend of premium, feature loaded hatchbacks in India over a decade back. Skoda had to unfortunately take the model off the markets due to poor demand but the model sure sparks a lot of new, fresh speculations

Could it make a comeback

Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia
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Why not? The main reason for the older Fabia to be withdrawn was the fact that the market wasn’t too mature at that time. Second, rivals offered same levels of comfort and design, but at a lower price point. However, the new model looks bling and the premium segment has evolved to offer models that are priced upwards of Rs 10 lakh now. This will surely give a new level of confidence to Skoda incase they do think about getting the new Fabia to India

Changes for India

Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia
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Don’t get us wrong - Skoda has not put out any official word on getting the 2022 Fabia here. But, in case they think to do so, the first thing that the new model will get is trimming in terms of length. Cars under 4m enjoy various tax benefits and Skoda will have to ensure the new car’s length of 4108mm gets reduced to under 4000mm.
Second, the engine options. Internationally it gets ample engine options but the entry level 65 and 80 bhp units will fall short on performance. Instead, India deserves the 95 / 110 bhp forms of the 1000cc petrol unit and even the 150 bhp 1.5 litre to ensure it becomes a ’real’ hot hatch on sale!

Brand image for Skoda

Skoda releases more images of the 2022 Fabia
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The new Fabia looks bling and offers modern day interiors. It is engineered well too - drag coefficient of 0.28 and features like 10.25 inch digi cluster, wifi hot-spot and as many as 5 C-type charging outlets. Having such a product in the portfolio, attracting (more) younger audience and offering a good stepping stone into the Skoda world seems like a good strategy. Will they do it? Our fingers remain crossed.

The segment

The premium hatchback segment in India has steadily breached the Rs 10 lakh mark, thanks to the market leader i20. Other options include the Maruti Baleno, Tata Altroz, Toyota Glanza and the Honda Jazz. Hyundai is also on the verge of launching the i20 N Line and its pricing will surely given Skoda enough breathing space to slot the Fabia in the Rs 8-12 lakh bracket. But the same question - will they do it? Stay tuned!

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