Manual gearbox is the most popular form of transmission around the world

Manual transmission is the most popular transmission option around the world. Although the automatic gearbox and AMT offers hassle free driving experience in bumper to bumper traffic situation by removing the usage of the clutch pedal, but the automatic gearboxes are costly to maintenance due to the complex mechanism. The automatic transmission equipped cars also known for being less fuel efficient, as these cars use more fuel to run. On the other hand the manual gearboxes are still more popular form of transmission around the world, thanks to the easy handling and less maintenance cost. The manual gearboxes are also known for deliver much better fuel economy. You may ask question, what is the need of a gearbox? Well, the gearbox gives you control your cars speed according to different driving conditions. Power is produced by the engine and it goes to the wheels through the gearbox. The gearbox lets you control the power and torque to be sent to the wheels to run the vehicle in different driving conditions.

Here is a video, which shows how the manual transmission system works. Take a look.

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