You obviously will know this person from his comedy films and TV shows, he is none other than the great British actor Rowan Atkinson who is also known as Mr. Bean across the globe but do you know that he is not only a great comedian who is usually seen driving a small Green Mini on screen but also is a real life car enthusiast, not in a sense because he has money so he rides expensive cars but he also keep thorough and detailed knowledge about them.

Beside owning other exclusive and one of kind cars his most prized possession was a Mclaren F1 which he brought back in the year 1997. We all knew about the F1 because of the two incidents involving the car the first one occurred back in the year 1999 when Mr. Atkinson hit a Rover Metro while the second major crash occurred back in 2011 when Mr. Atkinson hit a tree. The complete car was then rebuilt by Mclaren once again.

Now according to the reports Mr. Atkinson is putting up his beloved Mclaren F1 for sale and is asking a total of 8 Million Pounds for the car, the car was originally priced at 5.4 Million Pounds during the time of purchase. The Mclaren F1 is powered by a 6.1 Litre V12 unit which produces about 621 Hp of peak power 650 Nm of peak torque, The F1 can reach a top speed of 388 km/h mark and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h mark in just 3.2 seconds. The car is extremely lightweight and does not have any sort of driving aid which actually means driving the Mclaren F1 will be like trying to tame a raging horse who wants to through you out of its back everytime you ride it.

Rowan Atkinson A.k.a Mr. Bean's Mclaren F1 Is Up For Sale
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Rowan Atkinson A.k.a Mr. Bean's Mclaren F1 Is Up For Sale
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Rowan Atkinson A.k.a Mr. Bean's Mclaren F1 Is Up For Sale
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Besides just being powerful the Mclaren F1 is spacious and has a very unique driving position. Mclaren produced only 106 units of the F1 so far and thus this car is extremely rare and one of a kind.

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