Both the SUV and sedan has been discontinued from the Indian market

From what it looks like Renault India has discontinued the Koleos SUV from the Indian market. They have removed the SUV from their Indian official website as well Apart from the SUV it also seems that Renault has also discontinued their D segment sedan Fluence as well because this sedan too has been removed from their official website.

Although Renault hasn’t released any official statement yet but perhaps this was the right move for them. Both the Koleos and the Fluence does not have many takers in the Indian market mainly because of their steep pricing compared to their rivals. Some reports suggests that the manufacturer now wants to shift their focus entirely towards those particular products which has atleast 80 percent localisation and not to those products which are completely knocked down (CKD) and semi-knocked down (SKD) units.

Although the Koleos was assembled in India at the auto manufacturers plant but the kits were imported and as a result of all that the Koleos was actually priced way above its rivals which was the main reason of its low sales figures.

Renault has also plans to launch some new products which will be heavily localized and which also means that the overall prices will be priced quite aggressively.

Riju Ganguly
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