The 16 year old daughter of late actor Paul walker has filed a civil lawsuit against famous auto manufacturer Porsche, claiming the car in which Paul was during his death was faulty, and that is why it erupted in fire after the crash which ultimately resulted Paul into his death.

Paul’s daughter Meadow Rain Walker, alleged that the famous sports car maker didn’t follow the proper safety rules, and they took the shortcuts instead while making the hapless Porsche Carrera GT. Incidentally, Paul Walker, who shot into worldwide fame after playing the role of Brian O’Conner in Fast Furious series, died in a fatal car crash accident in 30th November, 2013. He was in the passenger seat of the Porsche Carrera GT, with his friend Roger Rodas behind the steering wheel, the sports car was travelling at around 151 kmph, which was way beyond the speed limit of that particular zone, and the car eventually hit a lamp post. As an impact of the crash, Paul was hit with thousand pounds of force, which broke his ribs and pelvis. Immediately after the crash, the Porsche caught on flame, therefore killing both Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas on the spot. Paul’s daughter Meadow claimed, that there was not enough safety provisions installed inside the car.

Source: BBC

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