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Overlanding In Sub-Zero Ladakh With A Modified Mahindra Thar

The mercury drops to -20c in these dry and desolate regions of Northern India where fuel can freeze. Find out how the BS6 Thar fares

Camping in the wild and open spaces is not a very popular activity in India. But there are many who do Overlanding trips regularly. DCV is one such adventure-seeker who uses his Mahindra Thar diesel to camp in extreme weather conditions.

The video is shot at Tso Moriri, Ladakh, which is an extremely remote location. Reaching this lake, which is located at a height of about 15,000 feet above MSL is not an easy task even during the summers.

The video by DCV Expeditions shows the extremity of the conditions where the temperature dropped to negative 20 degrees Celsius at night. This video gives us an idea about camping out in the wilderness in a modified Thar.

Mahindra Thar Overlanding: What are the challenges?

Overlanding In Sub-Zero Ladakh With A Modified Mahindra Thar
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Several changes have been done to the Thar with additional of several features

DCV and his modified Mahindra Thar are parked on the bank of Tso Moriri and there is snow all around. The primary challenge is the wind chill and the temperature, which remains negative even during the day.

The cold temperature makes everything brittle and things can break easily. Over that, since this is a diesel car, the extreme temperatures freeze the fuel in the lines and can also freeze the engine oil. Low temperature is also bad for batteries and in such temperatures, it is difficult for the batteries to hold a charge for a long time.

Mahindra Thar Overlanding: How to survive in low temperatures?

Overlanding In Sub-Zero Ladakh With A Modified Mahindra Thar
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DCV, the owner of this vehicle has added several pieces of equipment and has made a few changes to his Thar. This offroader started life as a soft-top converted to a hardtop to support the tent.

There are other changes as well like it now rides on forged alloy wheels with aftermarket tyres, an extra canister for carrying fuel on the long trips, and some customised space at the rear, that now has drawers and shelves for storage.

Starting the Mahindra Thar in cold

Overlanding In Sub-Zero Ladakh With A Modified Mahindra Thar
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To heat the engine, heater was used with two pipes delivering hot air in the bay

Starting any vehicle with a diesel engine at a low temperature is a challenge. To start the Thar, DCV used a battery-operated heater and guided the hot air to the engine bay.
After using the heater for about 30 minutes, the vehicle finally started. The BS6 compliant vehicles perform better in low temperatures due to new regulations, but still, such extreme conditions can create a lot of problems for the vehicle.

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