2014 Maruti-Suzuki Celerio Exterior
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Just when you are worried once again about the soaring petrol fuel prices and starting to look for a worthy and fuel efficient diesel hatchback we are here to give you some good news. Maruti is actually planning to debut their new smaller capacity diesel engine under the hood of their popular hatchback Celerio.

According to the reports the new twin cylinder diesel unit has a displacement of only 800 cc and will produce around 45 Bhp of peak power. Although the power output might not impress you much but wait till you hear that this diesel powertrain will return impressive fuel efficiency close to about 30 km to a liter. Maruti has worked hard on reducing the noise level of this engine and that is also the reason for its launch delay, but finally the auto maker was able to reduce the NVH level to a standard level and the reports also suggests that the hatchback has also finished its last stage of testing process.

However the Celerio will not be the only vehicle that will reap the benefits of this fuel efficient lower capacity engine. Maruti will also be venturing into the commercial vehicle segment for the first time to take on the small pick up from Tata called the Ace. Codenamed Y9T, the small pickup truck from Maruti will also be powered by the same diesel motor which off course will be available in a separate state of tune.

Expect the new diesel powered Celerio to enter the market towards the month of May or June.

Source: Autocar India

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