Mahindra is the first Indian automaker to roll out two India spec fully electric cars

Mahindra is known as the SUV maker of India. No wonder, the Mumbai based auto manufacturer possesses the largest share in the SUV segment of Indian automotive space. But, a very interesting fact is that the carmaker is planning to venture into new segments.

One of them is certainly the EV segment. To phase out the fossil fuel and minimize the air pollution Indian government has taken an ambitious plan in which India will have all its car fleet electric power driven in two decades. We have already seen the Mahindra launched E2O, which is a compact hatchback fully electric powered. Recently, the automaker launched its second fully electric vehicle e-Verito electric sedan.

Now the next thing Mahindra is planning to explore is the highly talked autonomous electric vehicle segment. Tesla and Volvo are exploring the new dimensions in autonomous mobility technology. In India Mahindra seems to be pioneering in the autonomous EV segment. The company has a total of six different automotive brands under one umbrella. Once the autonomous EV technology is developed, Mahindra is going to be the first to roll out the first such vehicle. Meanwhile, we will take a look, how Mahindra & Mahindra is expanding its EV fleet and what could be the automaker’s first autonomous EV venture.


Mahindra Mulling the possibility of First Indian Autonomous Electric Vehicle Exterior High Quality
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At the end of last year Mahindra acquired the Italian design house Pininfarina. The famous Italian design house has been designing the interiors of the Mahindra SUVs. But now, Pininfarina plans to make its own car. In an attempt to do so, the Italian company presented a hydrogen powered concept car christened as H2 Speed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. It also gave hint that it will design the new cars for Mahindra’s all electric cars in future. Right at that moment we knew the Indian automaker is planning to introduce more electric vehicle in future.

Well, the company already has two fully electric cars in its lineup. Therefore the company already has the required technology available. It will only get improved with every passing day. And with Pininfarina designing the car around the electric powertrain, Mahindra is all set to build world class electric cars. Not only that, don’t forget that Mahindra is the sole Indian manufacturer present in the Formula E championship. The technology used in Formula E racing, will also help the company to build road spec electric cars for future.


Mahindra Mulling the possibility of First Indian Autonomous Electric Vehicle Exterior High Quality
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As several automakers around the world is planning to introduce the self driving or autonomous technology to their cars, Mahindra also dreams big. The company has a total of six automotive brands including SsangYong and Pininfarina along with four IT brands. The Mahindra & Mahindra wants all these 10 companies to participate equally and contribute to its autonomous EV dream. It will not only enhance and improve the technology, but also bring a quicker solution.


Mahindra Mulling the possibility of First Indian Autonomous Electric Vehicle
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Mahindra already have two fully electric vehicles, a small hatchback E2O and the compact sedan e-Verito.


2013 Mahindra Reva E20
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The Mahindra E2O comes powered by a single electric induction engine which is combined with a 48V lithium ion battery. It can run up to 100 kilometers with a fully charged battery. Despite being an electric car the car can run at 81 kmph of top speed. Although the car doesn’t look very interesting or attractive looking, but you cannot deny its road presence capability. Dimensionally, the car measures 3280 mm in length, 1614 mm in width, 1560 mm in height and 1958 mm of wheelbase. Inside the cabin it’s spacious indeed contrary to being such a small car. So far, it is a perfect urban electric car.


2016 Mahindra e-Verito Exterior
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The e-Verito is the second fully electric car by Mahindra. Launched a few days ago the compact sedan is powered by a three stage 72V AC induction motor, which is combined with a 200 Ah lithium ion battery pack. Paired with a direct drive single speed automatic transmission the electric motor churns out 41 hp of peak power and 91 Nm of peak torque. This car is capable to run up to 110 kilometers with a fully charged battery. Top speed for the car is 86 kmph. To get fully charged the Mahindra e-Verito takes 8 hours 45 minutes in normal mode, and 1 hour 45 minutes in fast charging mode.

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