This is perhaps a worthy competitor to the Range Rover Sport SVR

The Dodge Challenger DRT Demon was not the only wild car showcased at the 2017 New York Auto show this year. Jeep also took covers of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk which is a wilder variant of the standard Grand Cherokee. Now this car is not only powerful but can also reach a top speed of 180-mph.

Powered by the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, this unit is capable of producing about 707 Hp of peak power. This is the same unit which also powers the Hellcat as well. The FCA engineers surely made some serious amount of effort to swap the whole engine. The V8 is capable of producing about 707 Hp of peak power and 645 lb-ft of torque. Believe it or not but the Trackhawk can sprint from 0-60 mph mark in 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk also gets a computer-controlled adaptive suspension system which enhances the overall driving experience. Furthermore, it also gets many different driving modes as well including Track mode which transfers 70 percent of the power output to the rear wheels. The SUV further also gets bigger brakes towards the front wheels. The overall aerodynamics of the SUV has also been improved to make it faster. However, the ride height of the SUV has been lowered to improve the handling dynamics.

To further enhance the track driving experience the Trackhawk also gets a launch control. Although, this is not as wild as the Challenger SRT Demon remember that the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk can comfortably sit five occupants inside and can still do its job.

So keeping all that in mind finally we can say that Land Rover Range Sport SVR finally has competition? Do leave your views on what exactly do you think about this beast of an SUV.

Riju Ganguly
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