This Jaguar combines everything that one looks for in a next generation electric vehicles has to offer

The Jaguar I-Pace Concept attracted a lot of eyeballs at the 2017 Geneva Motor show. This is one car which has redefined our era of automotive engineering; it is the only car which has supercar inspired aesthetics, sports car performance and SUV space, in one electric package.

Now after the unveiling, the British Luxury car maker has added another feather to their crown by driving this concept car on the streets of London. The I-Pace is a very unique car to be put outside in the real world.

The I-Pace concept according to Jaguar represents the next generation of battery electric vehicles. Ian Callum who is the director of the design team, Jaguar and has many accolades to his name said that for him the future of motoring has arrived. If you are amongst those persons who keeps themselves updated with the latest news and information’s of the automotive world will surely know that the Automakers are now shifting towards more environment-friendly cars.

The I-Pace is an electric car which has a range of 500 Kilometres (NEDC cycle) from the 90kWh lithium-ion battery. Charging the car is also quick with 80 percent charge can be completed in just 90 minutes using 50kW DC charging.

The I-Pace is powered by compact electric lightweight motors which together can combine a total power output of 400PS and 700Nm of torque. It has also had the benefits of an all-weather drive with the help of an all-wheel drive system. If we talk about performance, the i-Pace can accelerate from 0-100 km/h mark in just 4 seconds.

Jaguar promises that the I-Pace will be able to deliver the agility, ride comfort and refinement which will set it apart from the other electric cars available in the market right now. It will also be a true blue Jaguar and a real drivers’ car they added.

Riju Ganguly
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