Do it in easy and cheaper way

It happens more often with us when our car gets scratched, or our beloved car gets a paint transfer due to someone’s careless cornering or overtaking or even driving. It might not be a major issue with the car, but who else doesn’t want to see a neat and clean car?

Well, if your car gets such a paint transfer, here is a solution to remove that in easiest way, which is cheaper as well. You can use a rubbing compound and scratch remover with a micro fibre towel; but that is for minor paint transfer. For a thick layer your car has received, you need a softener, a spongy scrubber, soap water, micro fibre towel, clay bar, a little bit of warm water, and finally wax. Remember not to be too harsh while rubbing the damaged part, as it may damage the base colour of your colour, which you will surely want to avoid. Be gentle and use the proper steps. How? Here take a look.

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