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GM Showcases Its Moon Rover In Action Through CGI Video

Forget about GM’s SUVs and trucks, here is a vehicle designed for Lunar Expeditions

Here’s a first look at a new moon rover concept from General Motors. Called the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV), this CGI video of the moon rover in action, shows off what the real thing could look like in action on the lunar surface.

GM Lunar Terrain Vehicle

GM Showcases Its Moon Rover In Action Through CGI Video
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Further, it has specially designed wheels to take on the challenging terrain

General Motors (GM) has showcased an advanced version of a lunar rover concept. The concept rover design was created in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Corporation is stunning. The new moon buggy could become the preferred choice of mobility for astronauts on lunar expeditions.

The lunar rover concept which the company presented looks rather stunning. But here is a CGI-based video that shows the vehicle operating in its element.

What does it show?

GM Showcases Its Moon Rover In Action Through CGI Video
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The CGI-powered video shows how this Lunar rover gets onto the surface of the moon

The video shows how the GM concept rover gets onto the lunar surface, on an elevated platform. It also shows how the rover could autonomously drive off towards the astronauts. The vehicle is like the NASA Spirit rover that reached planet Mars in 2004.

As for its design, the rover has a basic design although, it is an advanced functioning rover. It has seating for occupants apart from the two instrument panels. Further, the rover has uber-cool wheels designed to take on tough terrain. It also gets lights all around the vehicle for superior illumination along with a roll hoop that has a rotating solar panel on the top.

GM Showcases Its Moon Rover In Action Through CGI Video
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Now General Motors hasn’t revealed more details regarding the moon rover

Now, the company has not revealed any more details about the Moon rover. But what we do know is that NASA is looking for a new Lunar rover. The space agency wants a battery pack-powered rover that can be sent out into space in a single piece and operated remotely. NASA is also expecting it to run for at least 10 years.

Further details of the vehicle’s occupant carrying capacity is not revealed.

Similar projects

GM Showcases Its Moon Rover In Action Through CGI Video
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Meanwhile, Toyota too has showcased a hydrogen-powered six-wheeled vehicle while Hyundai has presented the Tiger X-1 for lunar duty-SWIPE UP TO READ MORE.

Toyota has been developing a hydrogen-powered six-wheeled rover for JAXA (Japanese space agency). Hyundai has also showcased its redeveloped cradle robot, the Tiger X-1 for lunar duty.

To witness the moon rover in action, check out the following video:

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