New protection system would incorporate new front design and rigid materials

India is a country where road accidents rates are reasonably higher than many other countries. Narrow roads, excessive cars, too many pedestrians crossing roads without proper knowledge about traffic signals. To curb the accident rate in the country Indian government wants the auto manufacturers present in the country to build cars with better frontal safety measures.

In that case we might see the futures cars in India to come with better frontal safety, which will directly impact on the designs. The frontal designs of the cars would be tweaked to minimize the damage for both the occupants and the outsiders during any impact. Not only that, to curb the damage for the occupants the front pillars and windshields might come built with more rigid materials. Expect the design of the front bumper, bonnet, windshields and the front pillars to get tweaked. While the materials for the front parts will be more improved than the present ones.

In India car safety is an issue, which is neglected by several automakers. Recently a GNCAL crash test program for several top selling models showed that how fragile these cars are. A total of seven cars received zero star safety rating in that crash test program.

The Indian government no wants all the new cars in the country to come with minimum frontal and side crash safety norms by the end of October, 2017. The front crash tests will be done at 64 kmph while the side crash test will be done at 50 kmph. Indian government is also finalizing universal safety norms for all the cars in the country.

Source: ET Auto

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