There was a fair chance of the Italian auto manufacturer Fiat introducing the ‘Abarth’ which is a high performance brand in India and it seems like that the fair chance became a reality. According to the reports by Autocar India Fiat will launching the Abarth brand in August 2015 and they will be launching not one but three new products under the lineup.

The first car that will be launched from their stable is the Abarth 595, which is a more high performance variant of the standard Fiat 500. The 595 Abarth uses a pumped up version of the 1.4 Litre T-Jet turbo petrol motor which is also available with the Linea and this unit is capable of producing an impressive 158 Bhp of peak power which will actually make this car one of the most cutest and powerful hot hatches available in the Indian market today. This will be brought to the Indian market via the CBU route and thus expect the pricing too to be high. Expect the Abarth 595 to be priced at around INR. 27-30 Lakhs and which will also actually make it a direct competitor of the Mini Cooper.

The Abarth 595 comes with bigger wheels and also a stiffened suspension setup for better handling.

2014 Fiat Punto Evo
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The second product which will be launched under this brand is the Fiat Punto Evo Abarth (this car was spotted recently in India with the 1.4 Litre T-Jet petrol unit under its hood). The Punto Evo Abarth will be much more affordable and the big of reason of it is that it will be locally assembled in India. However the same T-Jet petrol unit will be made available under its hood will produce slightly lower power than the engine unit placed under the hood of the pricier Abarth 595, but don’t get disappointed because the 1.4 Litre unit will be producing an impressive 135 Bhp of peak power.

With that amount of power the Punto Abarth will also be the most powerful hatchback of its segment because its closest competitor the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI produces much less power compared to the soon to be launched Punto Evo Abarth. What is even more interesting is also the fact that the Punto Evo Abarth which is sold globally is only a 3 door car while the Evo Abarth will be the only car to get 5 doors in India. Beside just the engine expect the Evo Abarth to also get new stickers and bumpers and also more sporty and stylish set of alloys on its exterior and perhaps even a stiffer suspension setup for better handling.

2014 Fiat Avventura
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Lastly the third car that will get the Abarth touches will be the Avventura Crossover because of the fact that it is build on the same platform as the Punto Evo and is actually the same car under the skin. However the touches that it will get only will be restricted to the engine. The Avventura too will get the T-Jet motor which will be made available with the Punto Evo. While it might also get some new badges and stickers which will prove that it is a powered by an Abarth. With the increased power the Fiat Avventura can now compete directly with the likes of Ford Ecosport’s 1.0 Litre Ecoboost engine which produces almost 10 Bhp lower than the 1.4 Litre T-Jet petrol unit.

The variety of the products launched under the Abarth brand will also give customers more choices and options to get their hands on the more performance oriented cars. We can expect both the Fiat Punto Abarth and the Avventura Abarth to be priced under the 10 Lakh bracket while with the introduction of three more cars will also help Fiat to expand their product lineup which presently consists of only 3 cars.

P.S Just To give you all an idea of what exactly Fiat is launching we have added a visual treat for you (Dont forget to Check the video)

Source: Autocar India

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