Even Bodyguards Of India’s Richest Man Ride In Style
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Even Bodyguards Of India’s Richest Man Ride In Style

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Security Team recently acquired a fleet of G-Wagens Worth 10 Crore

Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian and one of the richest men in the world move around under high security. His convoy is made up of several high-end cars including the most expensive security cars in India.

Ambani and his family, who live in Mumbai, get around the city under Z+ security cover. While the Billionaire and his family move in high-end luxury cars, their security guards who protect them also use some of the most expensive vehicles sold in the country.

Mercedes-AMG G63

Even Bodyguards Of India's Richest Man Ride In Style
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The Ambani family upgraded their security fleet include the new Mercedes-AMG G63 SUVs

The Ambani security team recently got brand-new G-Wagen SUVs to use in the convoy. The new Mercedes-AMG G63 SUVs replaced the Land Rover Range Rovers from the convoy. We are not sure why as to why the Land Rovers were dropped from the convoy as they were not very old.

Even Bodyguards Of India's Richest Man Ride In Style
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There are four G-Wagens in the Ambani convoy with a total cost of about Rs 10 crore

Last year, a fleet of Mercedes-AMG G63s were inducted and there are as many as four of them now. These SUVs provide security to the Ambani convoy. The four cars cost nearly Rs 10 crore!
The changes made to vehicles in this high-security fleet are unknown. However, the videos show that the cars get strobes mounted on the dashboard. These security cars are not armoured.

Land Rover Range Rover SE Vogue LWB

Even Bodyguards Of India's Richest Man Ride In Style
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The G-Wagens have replaced several Land Rover Range Rover SUVs

While the security guards of the Ambanis use several high-end cars, another SUV that is mostly spotted with the convoy is the Range Rover Autobiography and the Range Rover Vogue LWB. Priced at around Rs 2.8 crore apiece, there are several Range Rover SUVs in the Ambani convoy.

Ambani uses three armoured vehicles

Even Bodyguards Of India's Richest Man Ride In Style
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This is the W221 S-Guard that he owns for several years now

Ambani himself travels in different armoured cars. He owns the latest-generation W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Guard and two W221 S-Guard sedans based on the S-Class. He is probably the only person in India to own three factory-built armoured cars in India! While his family uses exotic cars like Bentley Bentayga to get around town, Mukesh Ambani himself only travels in armoured vehicles.

Source: Mukesh Ambani and Family arriving with full security cars | Ambani In His Bullet Proof Car

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