Honda officially discontinues the Mobilio from India

After its disappointing sales performance for the past one year or so Honda Cars India Limited was forced to take the harsh decision, they finally did stop selling the Mobilio MPV in India. The Mobilio was even taken down from their official website which confirmed the news.

To everyone’s surprise, the Mobilio MPV was a new model launched back only in the year 2014. The car was launched to take on its biggest rival the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga which was selling like hot pancakes back then. During the time of its introduction and even after a year of its launch the MPV was selling in real numbers, it even went on to beat its rivals. However, the increasing popularity of the SUV’s and decreasing demand of MPV cars recently could also be one the primary reasons for its poor sales figures.

The Mobilio was a relatively large car which underpinned the same platform that also supported the Amaze and the Brio. This MPV sourced its power from the same 1.5 Litre petrol and diesel engine which powers the City sedan. Honda even launched a sportier version of the MPV called the Mobilio RS to attract more attention of the customers and also to increase the falling sales figures. Although the standard MPV hasn’t received any updates since its launch, the RS variant did get few cosmetic updates in the form of a sportier front and rear bumpers and a spoiler, but it still was not enough.

According to HCIL because of the decline in the personal use of MPV segment, they have decided not to sell the Mobilio in Indian market anymore. However, Honda will ensure the availability of spare parts for their existing customers while the dealers will also continue the service of the current cars.

Riju Ganguly
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