Supreme Court will take further decisions on 9th May

The ban on big diesel passenger vehicles which was implemented in Delhi NCR region since last year December still continues till Supreme Court makes the next hearing which will take place on 9th of May 2016. The decision of extending the ban on diesel vehicles which are above 2000 cc was taken on Saturday by the court.

The Court even refused to provide or give an extended deadline to the taxi operators in NCR, the taxi drivers were given a choice to switch from diesel to CNG within May 1st. The rule said all the taxi operators dunning on diesel will have to switch to CNG. The cab operators and their association also made an urge to the Government to extend the deadline but the Supreme Court officials refused to extend the deadline.

The Delhi NCR diesel cab operators were ordered to switch from diesel to CNG on March 1ST, later the deadline was extended to March 31st and again to April 30th.

According to reports there are about 60, 000 taxis registered in the national capital our of which 27,000 run on diesel and after Government implemented the orders more than 2, 000 diesel run taxis has switched from diesel to CNG.

News source: ET Auto & Indian Express

Riju Ganguly
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