Crossing a landslide is no big deal for this good old Maruti Gypsy
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Crossing a landslide is no big deal for this good old Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy goes over a landslide to show its immense capabilities

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy became the official car of the Indian Army decades ago. The Gypsy still remains a large part of the fleet. It is a lightweight petrol-powered SUV that can take on most extreme terrains without a problem. This video is the best proof of the same.

There are a handful of cars that almost every 90s Indian knows about and one such car is the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. It was seen as the vehicle of choice for not only law enforcement and armed forces, but also for off-roading enthusiasts. This was not without reason, as this 4x4 was one of the most capable SUVs when the going got tough.

In the video posted by Avika Sema on his YouTube channel, he comes across a big landslide in Panchul village near the Assam-Nagaland border. Crossing landslides turns into a big hurdle for vehicles due to the presence of mud, boulders and large rocks.

Taking on a landslide

Sema’s first step was to air down the tyres so that the compliance of the tyres’ carcass increases to the terrain underneath, and thus the size of the contact patch increases. He then proceeds ahead with the help of his spotter.

Crossing a landslide is no big deal for this good old Maruti Gypsy
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Having a spotter helps - the Gypsy makes it look easy while climbing up in 4 Low

When approaching a steep climb with a loose surface, it’s important to get a bit of momentum as Sema does. On the first try, he simply seems to have just floated over the obstacle. In the subsequent tries, the Gypsy gets stuck. This is where the 4x4 features of this Maruti Suzuki shine through. The differentials are locked, and the gearbox is in L or low ratio. In addition to these, the lightweight of the car is what seems to help the most in such situations.
The spotter guides Sema up to halt, while he reinforces the surface with a few more rocks to give the rear wheel some extra leverage against a problematic rock. However, after a little reassessment by the driver, a new path is chosen, and the obstacle is cleared.

Crossing a landslide is no big deal for this good old Maruti Gypsy
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Being lightweight means tyres do lift in such conditions. Swipe up to watch the video

While the steepness of the climb is not obvious in the first part of the video, you can really get a sense of it when the Gypsy is descending on the other side and the rear wheel lifts from the weight transfer which happens to the front.
A little bit of planning ahead, and the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy can make light work of most obstacles, as can be seen in this video. This still makes it a great contender for some of the harshest terrains and obstacles.

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