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Can the Tata Punch hit a top speed of 170km/h?

This video proves that the 1.2 non-turbo petrol engine is more than ample for the Punch micro SUV

During my media drive of the Tata Punch, I quickly drove to the Agra expressway to let the Punch stretch its legs. The end result was pretty good as this micro SUV went onto hit speeds over just over 170km/h. More details here!

Can the Tata Punch hit a top speed of 170km/h?
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Excellent high speed manners
Like most small cars, 5th gear is an overdrive gear and does not help in getting a higher top speed figure. The GPS figure of 164 was achieved in the 4th gear. The micro-SUV remained calm and planted at these speeds

The hype around Tata’s micro-SUV refuses to die down. And now, with the embargo on media reviews lifting off, an increasing number of car buyers will be eyeing this product. At the same time, a lot of social media users as well as journalists have termed the stock 1.2 engine as being inadequate for the Punch. We beg to differ and this video I shot during the media drive showcases the same. You can hit the play button below or continue to read the article here.

The speed run was done at the Taj Yamuna Expressway which remains relatively free of traffic. However, the road is cemented which does lead to excessive road noise inside the cabin. During the top speed run, the car was kept in the normal or City mode. In the first run, the Tata Punch 1.2 manual managed to go over 160km/h as per the speedometer display. My GPS based Draggy app showcases a true whack of 154 km/h which is pretty impressed itself.

Can the Tata Punch hit a top speed of 170km/h?
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We managed to hit a top speed of 170km/h as per the speedometer display

In the second run I had the A/C off and decided to see if the Punch’s tall 5th gear would add any numbers to the top speed figure. As expected, this wasn’t the case and hence I shifted back to the 4th gear and luckily found an empty stretch of road to remain pedal to metal for a few minutes. The Punch ended up showcasing 171 km/h on the speedometer while the Draggy app registered a genuine GPS speed of 161 km/h! In my books, this is more than fair by all means.

Can the Tata Punch hit a top speed of 170km/h?
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The same translated into a true GPS based number of 164km/h

As the AMT automatic gearbox is based on the same MT transmission, my guess is that the Punch AMT will also register similar speeds. However, you will need to ensure the gearbox is in the 4th gear and not the 5th one. The Punch is powered by a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated (non turbo) petrol engine that we also see in the Tiago and the Tigor. Tata Motors will announce the prices later this month and deliveries will start immediately too.

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