BMW i3 is the German automaker’s fully electric car

BMW i is a part of the German automaker BMW, which is responsible for developing and making electric cars. The German automaker launched the i3 compact hatchback in 2013, which stirred quite a sensation around the world. This is the first fully electric car from the German automaker; there it is a zero emission car. The BMW i sells i8 plug in hybrid electric supercar, but that is not fully electric powered.

The power source for the BMW i3 is a 125 kW electric motor which generates 168 bhp of peak power combined with a 22 kWh lithium ion battery. The compact urban five door car can run 130 kilometers with a fully charged battery. The transmission duty is done by a single speed automatic gearbox. The car comes in rear wheel drive configuration. The electric motor is positioned at the behind of the car and the battery stack is placed below the floor. Apart from using an environment friendly powertrain the car has been built using several elements which are eco friendly. Here is a video, which shows the mechanism and all the details about the BMW i3. Take a look.

BMW i3

BMW i3 Gallery

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