Mercedes Benz, Tata Motors and Toyota seems to in trouble unlimited

As a blow to several automakers, who sell cars with engines displacing over 2000 cc, Supreme Court has extended the bans on the diesel cars with engines of 2.0 litre and above in Delhi and NCR. This is the second time the apex court ordered the ban on such cars. The next hearing on the case will be on 9th May, 2016. The ban on such cars was taken to curb the alarmingly rising pollution level in the Delhi and NCR. Due to the sanction several automakers have been facing a steep decline in their sales. The automakers include Mercedes Benz, Tata Motors, and Toyota who sell cars with larger engines.

The Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers (SIAM) believes, such a move will discourage the automakers from investing in the country. In the meantime, Supreme Court has allowed the Delhi police to register its new diesel cars with engine capacity above 2000 cc, but Delhi police had to pay a 30% of green cess in order to register those cars. In recent months Delhi government and Supreme Court has been taking several steps to reduce the pollution level in Delhi and NCR. From 1st May onwards, the diesel taxis in the region have been ordered to go off the road in Delhi and NCR, as Supreme Court denied extending the deadline of conversion diesel taxis to CNG. The Delhi government has been taking pollution curbing measures like Odd-Even rule in the region, which has significantly reduced the pollution level in the capital city and adjacent area.

Source: Autocar India

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