Its winter and we all are little afraid to drive our cars in the snow because of the low grip and less traction. Keeping our Indian weather out of equation because we hardly get any snow in the places we live except the hill stations. In this video a braveheart driver can be seen drifting and sliding his precious Audi R8 through the snow.

Now we know that the Audi R8 gets an all wheel drive Quattro system which definitely comes in handy especially in situations like these. We can watch the rear end of this R8 sliding in the deep snow on these narrow mountain roads which is covered with trees everywhere. The R8 used in this video is the old generation car and it uses a 4.2 Liter V8 which is capable of producing about 424 Hp of peak power and 583 Nm of torque while there is a more powerful V10 on offer too.

The R8 is definitely a good handling machine and this video is another example of how this coupe can handle any terrain with ease.

Watch and enjoy the video and you can read more about the car here

Riju Ganguly
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