The Hypercar will most probably get a hybrid powertrain while a street legal variant is also on the cards

Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies are developing a revolutionary Hypercar which was formerly codenamed as AM-RB 001, now officially being called Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The name starts with the letter ‘V’ which is actually Aston Martins tradition of naming their cars which began back in 1951 when they named their car Vantage. The Vantage name was given to their high-performance variant of their standard production car DB2 back then. The Vantage back in 1952 produced an impressive 125 Bhp of peak power while the standard variant produced around 102 Bhp. The Vantage sticker was also first used on the side of the DB5.

Now after almost 7 decades of the first use of the Vantage nameplate Aston Martin Valkyrie propels this uniquely distinctive and lyrical family of model names to the next level. The Valkyrie is the ultimate Aston Martin. The name of the car has been inspired by the ancient mythology but it is equipped with all the modern technologies of the world.

Although no details of the Hypercar is available at this moment but it will have the performance which will be on par with some other LMP1 cars. While the reports also state that Aston Martin could also make a street legal variant of this Hypercar as well in the near future which will also be their flagship offering. The Valkyrie will most probably use the 6.5 Litre V12 unit along with an electric motor. Thus it will actually be powered by a hybrid motor.

We will definitely inform you with more details of this Hypercar as soon as something comes up. So till then enjoy the teaser image and video of this new upcoming beast.

Riju Ganguly
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