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A Brand New Punch In The Wall

The delivery went horribly wrong when this unlucky owner crashed his brand new Punch. Here’s why it happened

Tata Motors has launched the Punch micro-SUV recently in India. The car has received the highest safety ratings at the Global NCAP crash test. We have seen many instances where the owner has crashed their vehicles within a month of taking delivery. We have also seen many videos and images of brand news cars destroyed by falling trees during heavy windstorms without no fault of the owner. But this video is both funny and disheartening at the same time.

We can watch the owner taking delivery of his brand new Tata Punch, and as soon as he drives it out of the car showroom, he crashes his car onto a wall. We tell you everything about what went wrong here.

What went wrong during the Tata Punch delivery?

A Brand New Punch In The Wall
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This video shared by DSD cars on their Youtube channel looks like footage from a CCTV camera positioned outside the Tata Motors showroom. We can see the owner in the front seat of his brand new Punch while the car salesman was trying to explain something. While the salesman was trying to explain, the owner steps on the accelerator suddenly while the door was open, forcing the salesman to stop the car from moving forward.

After this tiny mishap, the car owner closes the door and tries to get used to the controls, which he should have done earlier before taking delivery. Within a few more seconds, we can watch the owner drive the car down the ramp of the showroom smoothly. Here we thought that owner might have made a mistake earlier but knows how to drive a car. But what we see next is shocking. The owner steps on the accelerator again and sweeps the car left instead of right towards the exit crashing it straight into a wall.

Well! The Punch that crashed into the wall was an AMT variant, and the owner knows how to drive but has never driven an AMT car before. He didn’t engage the brake pedal before putting the car into drive mode resulting in the car going ahead and hitting the wall. The Punch owner was lucky that the car did not hit the parked Audi Q7, or else he would have to pay a hefty sum to the owner of the Audi for the damages.

Watch the video of the Tata Punch here:

A Brand New Punch In The Wall
- image 535330
He drives the car in the wrong direction and crashes into a wall. He was lucky that he did not suffer any major injury

Was it the Tata Punch owner’s mistake or the mistake of the car salesman who did not explain the controls before handing him the keys? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BW...

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