The new gen Duster will be launched in India next year

Dacia has released few images of the new generation Duster recently and quite honestly while many appreciated the new generation SUV while others were not so happy about it.

The new generation Duster according to the officials was built from scratch, and they have tried to resolve the previous issues that the SUV had in this new generation vehicle. What you will find in the images is the five seater SUV although there are talks that Dacia is also interested in launching a seven seater variant of the SUV as well soon.

The reports state that Dacia has plans to introduce the new Duster at the upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor show while you can expect its presence at the 2018 Indian Auto Expo. There is also a possibility of Renault launching the next generation Duster at the Auto Expo itself for the Indian market, but nothing is official yet.

So now that we have provided you with some information about the 2018 Renault/Dacia Duster we are pretty sure that all of you have also grown some interest about this iconic SUV which has started the revolution of affordable SUV in India.

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2018 Renault Duster: What's New About This Not So New Looking SUV Exterior
- image 530618
2018 Renault Duster: What's New About This Not So New Looking SUV Exterior
- image 530617

Infact every bit of it right takes a look at it and you will find that the manufacturer hasn’t messed much with the overall silhouette of the SUV. Quite honestly one can easily recognise this as the iconic SUV by its shape and size. So if you ask what is new in this SUV, then we must inform you that almost everything you will find is new.

Towards the front, the new gen Duster features a new distinctive grille which extends almost towards the new headlamps which are positioned almost towards the extreme corner of the car’s front profile. Dacia has done it deliberately actually to make the model appear wider. The headlamps, in particular, get a new signature LED daytime running lamps which is divided into three sections. One thing which will attract your attention is the new larger, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish skid plate which helps in distinguishing the cars adventurous credentials. The windscreen of the new SUV has been brought forward by almost 100mm compared with the current Duster is steeply raked which actually helps to increase the cabin space.

There is also a new aluminium roof bar which also helps in improving the Dusters SUV credentials and adds a more muscular look to it. The new 17 inch wheels with highlighted wheel arches too add to the overall styling of this new SUV. One more thing which now graces the side profile is the new Black wing arch trims which according to the officials help highlight the car’s adventurer credentials.

the manufacturer hasn't messed much with the overall silhouette of the SUV

Just like the side profile the rear profile too gets its fair share of bells and whistles, to begin with, the Duster gets a new set of taillamps. These taillamps get four red stacked squares which look entirely different from what we are used to seeing in the current SUV. To be honest, the new taillamps somehow reminds me of the taillamps of the Jeep Renegade by the way. Lastly, the SUV gets a Wider, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finished rear skid plate just like the ones at the front.


Well! Dacia hasn’t released any official images of the interior yet, but it will get some new goodies like a new touchscreen infotainment system which definitely will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It will most probably get an entirely black theme which is something new that we would love to see in the new generation SUV. Expect it also to receive a new instrument cluster and also new steering wheel.


2018 Renault Duster: What's New About This Not So New Looking SUV Exterior
- image 530615

The reports state that there is a fair chance that the new Duster will most probably get a new 1.2 Litre TCe petrol unit which is expected to produce around 124 Bhp of peak power while the torque figures are still unknown but expect it to produce near about 250 Nm. The diesel variant, on the other hand, will get a retuned 1.6 Litre DCi unit which is supposed to produce around 130 Bhp of peak power and around 300 Nm of torque(expected).

The transmission options for the new generation SUV will include a 6-speed manual as well a 6 speed Automatic. There will also be a four wheel drive model as well loaded with some other offroading hardware.

PRICE: will it be pricier?

2018 Renault Duster: What's New About This Not So New Looking SUV Exterior
- image 530616

Off course! The new gen Duster will be pricier compared to the current generation SUV because it not only underpins a new platform but will bring a lot of modern techs and features with it as well.


Riju Ganguly

Press Release

Boulogne-Billancourt, August 30, 2017 – Dacia has renewed Duster, the brand’s iconic SUV which boasts modern, all-new robust styling. Not only is All-New Duster as versatile as ever but it is also even more attractive and, with more than one million unit sales to its credit to date, a new chapter in the model’s history is about to begin. Dacia will unveil All-new Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Show.
All-new Duster’s adventurer pedigree and ability to stray off the beaten track are expressed by the latest version’s updated design. In keeping with the model’s DNA, All-new Duster combines robust, muscular styling with a truly assertive personality that is emphasised by a brand-new body colour, Atacama Orange.

• All-new Duster’s distinctive grille extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s extreme corners and makes the model appear wider.
• A new lighting signature including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections.
• The crease lines of the horizontal bonnet contribute to the vehicle’s assertive stance.
• The larger, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish skid plate reinforces the car’s adventurer credentials and is scratch-resistant to maintain its smart look.

• The higher belt line adds to the impression of strength and occupant protection.
• The windscreen has been brought forward 100mm compared with the current Duster and is more steeply raked, which makes the cabin longer so it looks more spacious.
• The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
• 17-inch wheels and prominent wheel arches.
• Black wing arch trims highlight the car’s adventurer credentials.

• Voluminous haunches.
• Horizontal lines and lights positioned at the extreme corners to heighten the car’s solid stance.
• Dacia’s rear lighting signature – four red stacked squares – has been adapted for Duster.
• Wider, mass-coloured, satin-chrome-finish rear skid plate.

All-new Duster also features upgraded travelling comfort thanks to a completely redesigned, quality-feel interior and new equipment.

All-new Duster will be unveiled at a press conference on Dacia’s stand at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show at 11:10 am local time on September 12, in the presence of Jean-Christophe Kugler, Executive Vice-President, Chairman of Europe Region. Those who can’t be in Frankfurt will be able to follow the press conference live on

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