So many exotic rides in a single frame

We recently celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day and to celebrate this particular day Supercars owners from Bangalore actually organised a Supercar rally. This is the latest footage that we found from the Supercar meet which happened recently in Bangalore.

This is definitely worth a watch because not only you all will get to see so many supercars at one place but also actually hear and watch them roar their engines as they start their journey in this single video. Towards the beginning of the video you can actually watch all these cars are lined up. The exotic car fleet consisted of Rolls Royce] Phantom, Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Aston Martin Vanquish, Bentley Continental, Mercedes benz G wagon PorschePorsche Boxster and perhaps many more off the camera. Yes! This is definitely a sight that you do not want to miss because you actually don’t get to see so many exotics gather at one place everyday and that also in India.

Towards the second half of the video you will actually also watch this cars set off on their journey and that is when you can clearly hear the exhaust note of all these exotic cars as well. Enjoy the video and also watch all these cars spread their wings towards the end of the video at the same time.

Riju Ganguly
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