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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Is Here Don’t Miss It If You Are A Bumblebee Fan: Video

The Transformers 4 movie trailer is out, and as usual, it looks brilliant. The 4th movie of the Transformer franchise will be called ‘The Last Knight', and it takes us back from where it all started. The trailer gives us a sneak peek back to the history of Autobots. In the previous Transformers movie we have seen humans and...

Did You All Watch The New Cars 3 Movie Trailer Yet: Video

The latest trailer of the third instalment of the Cars movie has been launched recently by Disney Pixar on YouTube. There is no doubt that the Cars 1 and Cars 2 have won a lot of hearts with its storyline and animation. In the Cars2 movie, we have seen Lightning McQueen played the role of a spy, but the...

The new FF8 Trailer Gives You A Hint Of All The Action: Video

The new fast and furious third and perhaps the final trailer is out, and it gives you a hint of what you are going to witness in this upcoming movie which is all set for its release on 14th April 2017.We already have provided you with the background story when we found an extended trailer of the new movie....

Watch This New Fast & Furious 8 Movie Trailer Where Vin Diesel Has Gone Rogue: Video

A brand new trailer for the soon to be released Fast and Furious 8 movie is making rounds on the internet. The much awaited 8th instalment of perhaps the longest-running movie sequel will hit the silver screen on April 14th, 2017. In this new trailer, you can watch Vin Diesel gone rogue and switched sides. Now whether Dom will leave...

Fast & Furious 8 Movie Trailer Released Worldwide: Video

Boom! Universal Pictures has just released the official Fast and Furious 8 trailer and I can assure you all that this is the best video that you will find on the internet today. The latest instalment of the Fast and Furious Movie will hit the theatres on April 14th 2017. Reports states that this is by far the most...
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