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New Nomenclature from Mercedes

New Nomenclature from Mercedes

New Nomenclature from Mercedes

Last year Mercedes Benz announced that they are working on new nomenclature system for naming their cars. It seems they have introduced the system already, as we have seen in some Mercedes cars. Usually, the C, E and S class cars are coming up with this new naming pattern, where diesel cars comes with a ‘d’ letter in the badge instead of CDI.

For example, if S 350 will be called S 350 d, instead of S 350 CDI. This new pattern in naming badges is applicable only in diesel segment strictly although. The petrol powered cars remain same.

We have seen this nomenclature pattern in the BMW vehicles, now Mercedes seems to follow the same way in India like their German competitor. They have a plan for new naming pattern for their fleet of electric cars and natural gas powered cars too. In that case, electric cars will come up with a letter ‘e’ and the CNG powered cars will come with a letter ‘c’. Fuel cell cars will come with ‘f’ word in their name, while the hybrid cars will come with a letter ‘h’. The new naming pattern seems to have begun in India, and we guess, soon the entire fleet of diesel cars will come up featuring new nomenclature.

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