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Check out what Fast and Furious 8 will offer you: Spyshots

1. Check out what Fast and Furious 8 will offer you: Spyshots
Hello people, stay alert. Caution for "Fast and Furious" lovers. When the next Fast and Furious movie hits the theatres in April, 2017 brace yourself, as there will be Rally Fighters, , heavily modified Subaru Imprezas, armoured Dodge Ram trucks, couple of SUVs in military green, couple of Ripsaw bearing US Army badge and even golf carts tossed in the...

Buses Are Bizarre

1. Buses are bizarre
One of the prime public transport medium is bus. In 1662 the world first came to know the concept of bus, when Blaise Pascal launched a public bus service, which used to be called as carriage at that time. It was a public transport medium, convenient, affordable and within short time it became popular. Since then with time passed...

Video: Lotus Jumped A Truck Over A Speeding F1 Car

You have seen motorcycles jump in the air and even take a summersault; you might also have seen cars jump in the air and performing some insane stunts. But I am sure you haven’t seen a real truck jumping over a speeding F1 Car (except for the Terminator 2 movie but the stunt was performed with cables and wires...

Tata Motors Launches New Prima Trucks In Quatar

1. Tata Motors Launches New Prima Trucks In Quatar
along with its partner Al-Hamad Automobiles has launched its three new next-generation heavy trucks from their PRIMA range of commercial vehicles in Qatar. Tata Motors have already tested these next generation trucks to confirm whether they live up to the Gulf region standards in terms of power, durability, payload, emissions and safety. Tata Motors had formed the plan...

Tata Xenon Pickup Truck to be Launched in Australia

1. Tata Xenon pickup truck ready to be launched in Australia
It was already confirmed that was planning to enter the Australian, collaborating with an independent distributor, Fusion Automotive for dealer network, but we didn't know the product line-up that Tata had in mind, until today. Tata has confirmed that they will be launching their one and only pickup truck. Xenon, in the month of October 2013, with more...
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