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Mercedes Launched Their Flagship AMG GT-R & Droptop GT Roadster

1. Mercedes Launched Their Flagship GT-R & Droptop GT Roadster
Mercedes-Benz has launched their much-awaited flagship sports Coupe and drop top Roadster in India. The GT-R happens to be the road legal version of their award-winning GT3 race car also made quite a name for it by winning the Nürburgring 24-hour-race. The GT-R recently also broke all hell loose when it set a new record of fastest ever lap...

Look What This Supercar Owner Did After He Was Chased By Photographers In Bangalore: Video

If you are a supercar owner then you will understand the amount of attention you get when you take your car out for a spin. The worst scenario is getting chased by a group of bikers for photographs. We have seen lot of videos in India where people are running with camera phones to just click a photograph with...

Christiano Ronaldo Driving His Bugatti Veyron In His Madrid Estate: Video

We know celebrities and their love for fast cars. Recently we came to know that the soccer player Christiano Ronaldo purchased a new Veyron after his team won the Euro 2016. Now we were also quite surprised when we saw Ronaldo posting the images of his new cars on Instagram because when the world is going gaga over...

King of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 Restored Back To Formal Glory

The classic car you are seeing in these images belonged to the ‘Kings of Rock and Rolls’ Elvis Presley. The US musician bought this car while he was actually doing his military service for the army in Germany. The iconic car seemed to have disappeared and after almost 50 years it was discovered in pretty bad shape. BMW then...

2016 Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

1. Mercedes-AMG SLC 43
Only yesterday launched the all new SLC 43 in India which happens to be the AMG variant of the SLC Roadster. The SLC is the facelift variant of the SLK class and is a part of the new Mercedes Nomenclature. What is more surprising is also the fact that Mercedes introduced the SLK 43 just after 4 months...
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