The new generation BMW M5 definitely bring a lot to the plate more powerful engine and 4 wheel drive are amongst few in the list

BMW has officially revealed details of their upcoming M5 sedan even before its launch. The sixth generation of this popular sporty machine will be launched in the coming months and according to the official statement will get the M xDrive system, which is BMW’s term for the all-wheel drive system. Apart from the enhanced performance, the new generation M5 will also get better everyday practicality at the same time.

For the first time in BMW M5 history, the sports sedan will get all wheel drive system with the Active M Differential. The drivetrain, in particular, has been reinforced for greater rigidity and strength which will help in assisting the high torque, rear-biased configuration and 2WD option. Apart from all these hardware changes the new M5 also gets a redesigned cockpit as well which comes with a driver focussed cockpit and a free standing control display.

Now just like it’s more sober sibling 5-series expect the M5 sedan also to lose weight and also gain new engines. It’s been confirmed that the new generation M5 will get the latest version of 4.4 Litre V8 unit which also features M Twin Turbo power technology. There is no doubt that this new engine is more powerful than its predecessor regarding power and torque output.

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  • 2018 BMW M5
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    8 speed automatic
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    4.0 L
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2018 BMW M5 Exterior
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2018 BMW M5 Exterior
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2018 BMW M5
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2018 BMW M5 Exterior
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We already have seen the BMW 5 series in the flesh, and it will soon launch in India as well. The upcoming M5 will also be based on the same car, BMW has taken the inspiration from the 7-series to build the 5-series and because the new 5-series is an entirely new car which comes with fresh new styling do not expect BMW to be too much playful or imaginative with the new M5. However to give the M5 a distinctive look the manufacturer will make some changes which might come in the form of a new bigger Kidney grille and a redesigned slightly sharper looking headlamps which will also come with LED technology as well. The side profile, however, won’t receive a lot of change though and we believe that the prominent character line above the side skirts will also be present in the M5 as well. The M5 is also expected to get a new set of wheels as well. Towards the rear profile the sporty sedan will get a revised bumper and quad exhausts system just like the front profile to add a sporty appearance to the overall exterior.


2018 BMW M5
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BMW has yet not revealed any images of the interior of the new M5 but expects the interior of this upcoming sedan not to be much different from that of the standard 5 Series. However, to make it look different, the M5 will get M badges on the seat upholstery, dashboard and steering wheel. Talking about the seat, in particular, expect the M5 cabin to get new bucket seats which will replace the standard seats. The rest of the interior will be identical to that of the standard 5 series sedan. Thus expect a new dashboard with the big free standing infotainment system at the centre of the dash. The M styled instrument cluster gets two round dials which also gets two red needles. There is also a separate additional digital cluster. The instrument cluster provides many additional information to the driver like gear selection, Drivelogic shift program, M xDrive mode and M1/M2 set-up, plus the drive and suspension settings currently engaged, etc. The new M5 also benefits from an improved graphics on the displays. The driver can further select the 4WD, 4WD Sport or 2WD mode using either the iDrive Controller or the touchscreen function. Furthermore, the car also gets a redesigned gear selector as well.


2018 BMW M5 Exterior
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2018 BMW M5 Exterior
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The M5 will get an updated 4.4 Litre V8 unit under the hood. This new V8 unit also features M TwinPower Turbo technology. This engine is capable of producing roughly about 600 Hp which is quite an increase from the previous M5 while expecting the torque amount to gain a slight increment the unofficial figures says that the new 4.4 litre cranks out about 515-pound feet of torque at around 7250 rpm. The engine will be paired to a new eight-speed, M Steptronic automatic transmission with Drivelogic which replaces the Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission in the previous generation car. This is the same gearbox which is also used in the all new 7 series as well. The V8 unit, in particular, gets higher injection pressure, new turbochargers, more powerful lubrication and cooling systems, plus a modified, lighter exhaust system which helps in producing the unmistakable M exhaust note.

Coming to the hardware the M5 like we already earlier gets BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system and the Active M Differential, which has a rear biased high-end torque configuration. This sedan also features a new Active M differential which helps the driver to choose in between 5 different setups.

The Auto manufacturer has not revealed the exact power and torque numbers but according to official press release, "The sedan completes the 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) or 200 km/h (124 mph) sprints in the sort of times that leave its predecessor trailing in its wake and will make fans of sporty driving everywhere instantly prick up their ears."


2018 BMW M5
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The car is yet to be launched in both the International as well as Indian market, and thus the pricing is still unknown to all of us however we do believe that BMW will price the new M5 well under 2 Crores when it finally7 launches here in India.


Audi RS7

2015 Audi RS7
- image 508053
Audi RS7

The BMW M5 competes directly with the Audi RS7. The RS7 is powered in between INR.140-1.67 Crores in the Indian market. This sports sedan gets a bi-turbo 4.0-litre V8 which produces about 560PS and 700Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The RS7 is capable of sprinting from 0-100 km/h mark in under 4 seconds.


2018 BMW M5
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The all-new BMW M5 definitely bring a lot to the plate apart from a fresh new styling the car also gets the advantage of an all wheel drive system which gives the drive quotient some boost. It further also gets an updated interior which we are pretty sure will take its styling inspiration from the all new 5 series.

Although there is still some time for the 5 series to be launched in the Indian market but we will definitely inform you all if some new details emerge about this sporty sedan.

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