BMW launched the 1 series hatchback about 10 years back which also went on to become their entry level model. Previously there were no major competition in this segment but after another German rival Mercedes joined the party with their A and B Class BMW certainly faced the music and thus in order to make things more interesting they have introduced a facelift variant of the 1 Series hatchback.

Although we Indians will have to wait for some more time before it finally reaches the Indian shores but we can surely update you with all the details of this facelift 1 series hatch. There is no doubt in the fact that the 1 series hatchback is certainly one of the most popular premium hatchbacks of the world and till now BMW has sold more than two million units of the hatch worldwide. BMW promised that this new edition of the 1 series hatch will certainly break the old records and will set a new benchmark in the driving pleasure and also in the premium compact auto segment department.

The facelift 1 series not only gets cosmetic upgrades but some changes under its hood also, the revised powertrain lineup has now been designed to reduce fuel consumption and also emission. There is also a new and more powerful 6 cylinders engine which has been added to the 1 series lineup which certainly spices things up for this compact hatchback.

UPDATE 28/09/15:- BMW has launched the facelift 1 series in India today. The review has been upadted with the latest information.

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2016 BMW 1 Series


Facelift Variant front profile

2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior
- image 511107
2016 BMW 1 Series High Quality
- image 511100

The facelift variant of the BMW 1 series surely looks more dynamic and sporty compared to the old car. Upfront the headlamps units of the facelift variant looks smaller and shaper than the pre facelift variant, the new headlamp unit also gets the optional all LED headlamps. While the front grille looks bigger and wider which has given a more sporty appearance to the front. The front bumpers now also looks more sporty compared to the pre facelift variant.

Facelift Variant rear profile

2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior
- image 511106
2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior
- image 511099

Towards the side profile nothing much has changed except the facelift variant gets a new pair of alloy wheels. While towards the rear the first thing that will definitely catch your attention is the completely redesigned L shaped tail lamps moreover the taillamps are now full LED units which comes as standard.


2016 BMW 1 Series
- image 511105
2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior High Quality
- image 511104
2016 BMW 1 Series High Quality
- image 511108

Now The 1 series hatchback in one word has really matured it gets a redesigned grille at the front while the larger air intakes helps to enhance the cars overall sporty dynamics. The headlamps now gets standard LED daytime running lamps while there is also an optional full LED headlamps as an option. There has been no major change made to the side profile of the car except it only gets a new set of sportier looking alloy wheels. Towards the rear the old boring taillamp units are replaced by full LED units which now gets the ‘L’ shape just like what you will find in any other BMW cars.


Length 4,329mm
Width 1,765mm
Height 1, 440 mm
Wheelbase 2, 690 mm


2016 BMW 1 Series Interior High Quality
- image 511097
2016 BMW 1 Series Interior High Quality
- image 511095
2016 BMW 1 Series Interior High Quality
- image 511094

The interior of the new 1 series too definitely received some new updates and it comes with more equipments as standard. To start with the facelift 1 series gets automatic air conditioning, a rain sensor wiper, and the BMW Radio Professional and the iDrive operating system which also comes with a high resolution 6.5 inch freestanding display unit integrated into the instrument panel.

The facelift 1 series also gets more individualization option as well with its different lines namely Advantage, Sport Line, Urban Line and the M Sport packages. Beside all these minor nips and ticks there are no major changes that you will notice in its interior.

We also have mentioned in our earlier reviews that the 1 series is a compact premium hatchback and thus it is definitely not as spacious as any other BMW products but when it comes to space surely this hatchback is more spacious than its biggest rival the Mercedes-Benz A Class.


2016 BMW 1 Series High Quality
- image 511111

Although some of you might not be too happy with the interior changes and updates that the facelift 1 series received but BMW surely will leave you surprised once you take a peek under its hood.

The facelift variant of the 1 series gets powered by a couple of smaller 3 and 4 cylinder diesel and petrol engines, the range starts with the base 116i petrol which will produce about 109 Hp of peak power while the most powerful petrol engine on the line is the BMW M135i which is actually powered by a 6 cylinder engine which produces a healthy 326 Hp of peak power.

Although there are plenty of engine options available under the hood of the new 2016 BMW 1 Series facelift but the Bavarian auto giant has decided to launch the new facelift hatch with a single diesel engine option. The 118d sportsline trim uses the same 2.0 Liter four cylinders, twin turbocharged diesel engine which is capable of producing about 148bhp of peak power at 4,000 rpm and 320Nm of peak torque in between 1,500 rpm to 3,000 rpm. This drivetrain has been paired to an eight-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox which sends all those power to the rear wheels.

Although this is a diesel powertrian but will definitely not disappoint the owners in terms of performance, the 2.0 Liter diesel engine has the ability to make the hatch sprint from 0-100 km/h mark in 8.3 seconds while it has a top speed of 212 km/h. Apart from being powerful the new diesel drivetrains has been tuned to deliver an impressive amount of fuel efficiency figures as well. The 2.0 Liter diesel is capable of returning an impressive 23.26 km to a liter of fuel.

All these engines have further been re engineered to increase their fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emission.


Cylinders/valves 4/4
Capacity in ccm 1,995 cc
Stroke/bore in mm 90.0/84.0
Max. output in kW (hp) at 1/min 110 (150)/4,000
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min 320/1,500–3,000
Compression ratio : 1 16.5


2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior High Quality
- image 511109

The facelift BMW 1 Series 118d Sportline variant is priced at INR. 29.90 lakhs (ex-showroom, Thane).



2013 Mercedes Benz A class
- image 508163

Perhaps the biggest competitor of the BMW 1 series is definitely the Mercedes-Benz A-Class which definitely was the attention grabber amongst its segment until now. The A Class definitely gets both petrol and diesel engine as an option, in India the A Class petrol variant is powered by a inline 4 cylinder engine which produces about 90 KW of peak power while the diesel variant is also powered by a inline 4 unit which produces about 80 KW of peak power.


2016 BMW 1 Series Exterior High Quality
- image 511112

The BMW 1 series has definitely received some worthy cosmetic upgrades to it which surely has made the facelift hatchback more sporty and refined. The recently launched Mercedes A-Class was the top player of the game mostly because it had the good looks to go with its plenty of interesting engine options but now the facelift 1 series surely will turn some heads with its more sharper and dynamic appearance plus it has got a rear wheel drive which actually is a plus point or the USP of the hatch when it comes to handling. The BMW 1 series with its rear-wheel drive and an almost perfect weight distribution surely is a driver’s delight when it comes to handling.

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