Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh Gifted Himself A Brand New Aston Martin

Yesterday Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was spotted driving his brand new car which he gifted himself on his birthday. The actor turned 32 yesterday and do you think he could settle anything less than an Aston Martin? That's right! The fun-loving actor who is also known for his weird dressing sense planned to gift himself a brand new ...

Vulcan AMR PRO Is The Most wildest Thing That Stepped Out Of Aston Martin’s Factory

is trying every formula to make their AMR brand famous. They already have introduced few cars with the AMR touches including the Vantage, and now this British Auto manufacturer has just launched a wilder Vulcan variant which is their track focused car. Now imagine the Vulcan was Aston Martin's wildest car ever and now this particular car has...

Rapid E Will Be The First All Electric Car From Aston Martin

1. Rapid E Will Be The First All Electric Car From Aston Martin
announced that they would be introducing their very first all-electric production car and it will go on sale from the year 2019 onward. The all-electric car will be based on their Rapid model and will be called RapidE. However, Aston Martin also confirmed that the number would be limited to just 155 units. The car is made to...

Say Hello To The Special Edition Aston Martin Vantage AMR

1. Say Hello To The Special Edition Aston Martin Vantage AMR
has unveiled a new limited edition Vantage which will have a limited production run of just 300 units. Called the Vantage AMR these cars are produced by the AMR division which produces high-performance cars, Aston Martin. The AMR does the same work for Aston Martin which AMG does for Mercedes-Benz. The AMR brand was introduced earlier this year...

£65Million Worth Of Aston Martin cars Going Crazy At The Carmakers second UK manufacturing plant at St Athan: Video

British luxury sports car maker recently took over the possession of the second manufacturing plant at St Athan in South Wales recently. They have turned the place upside down and rebuilt it for their state of the art production facility. To celebrate this takeover, Aston Martin brought together 28 of their very special cars at the location which is...
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