Those who love to take their cars offroad will understand that the nature can sometimes take revenge on your vehicle when you are not aware of the surroundings quite well. River crossing in wild are equally dangerous because you have no idea from the bank that what the depth of the river will be.

In this video you can watch a white Toyota Land Cruiser trying to cross a deep river. In the beginning we can watch the vehicle quite easily enters the river water and then the person driving the car car realized that the water is too deep for the SUV. We can notice the front portion of the SUV was completely under water while only the rear portion was visible. Quite honestly I thought that the SUV won’t be able to make it to the other side of the river. But incredibly the rear wheels got traction and that actually helped the vehicle cross the river. What was equally interesting an amazing was also the fact that the SUV actually was floating in the water, so it was more of a boat than a car. Somehow towards the end the SUV incredibly was able to reach the other end of the river and drive off.

This incident took place somewhere in Australia and the driver surely had the nerves of steel that he did not abandoned his vehicle when it was almost sinking. Watch this amazing video till the end.