Volvo has launched a total of 3 cars Worldwide since the year 2014, which includes the XC90, S90 and the V90. Out of these 3 cars, Volvo has introduced the XC and the S90 in the Indian market already. There is a common link in between all these above-mentioned cars; they all are based on the Swedish auto manufacturer’s latest scalable product architecture (SPA) platform. This flexible lightweight yet safe architecture allows a number of body forms on a single platform allowing the auto manufacturer to save cost. This new platform which underpins all these unique cars made its debut with the XC90 SUV back in 2014.

According to Volvo officials, the new 90 series cars offers a unique driving experience and they call it “Relaxed Confidence”. India is definitely not a popular market for Estate cars but Indian customers always are open to something new and unique. Talking about uniqueness, the Volvo V90 Cross Country definitely falls under one of the most under this unique breed of cars. It carries the ‘Cross Country’ moniker along with its name which clears many of our doubts about its purpose.

Sweden is known for its extreme weather, where the temperature can go upto -40 degree Celsius during winter. The people too are also known for their adventurous nature thus making the Volvo V90 Cross Country an ideal car for this surroundings because it combines off-road capabilities into an Estate car. The raised ground clearance and four-wheel drive capability have given the V90 a whole new meaning.

The reason why we are interested in this particular car is because of the fact that Volvo actually has plans to introduce the V90 Cross Country in the Indian market within this year, so we are here to provide you with all the details available about this truly unique car in detail.

Update 12.07.2017 :- Volvo has launched the V90 Cross Country in India today. The Estate car is offered with only top of the line D5 trim and with total of 7 exterior colour options. The new V90 Cross Country prices and other details has been updated in this review.

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In one word we can call the V90 Cross Country the same V90 Estate car on steroids. The car looks identical to the V90 with fewer exceptions. The V90 is basically the Estate version of the S90 sedan whereas the V90 CC like we already mentioned above has been beefed up with the help of plastic claddings and a slightly more aggressive looking bumper towards the front. Like every other Crossover car, the V90 Cross also gets scuff plates towards the front chin as well as the rear. Just like the front profile the side profile too gets plastic skirts along with some plastic claddings as well on the wheel arches.

Towards the rear profile things look unique yet identical to the Volvo family. The huge taillamps look identical to the standard V90. While the twin exhaust and the skid plates at the rear bumper define its off-road capabilities.


Length493.9 cm
Width (door mouldings)187.9 cm
Width (Incl mirrors, outher edge)205.2 cm
Height (including shark fin antenna)154.3 cm
Wheelbase294.1 cm



If we talk about interior then, unfortunately, there is nothing new to get excited about. The interior looks identical to what we have seen in the recent Volvo interiors, the minimalistic approach and the elegant finish will surely catch all your attention. The interior surely looks identical to what you will find inside the V40. However, Volvo has decided to add dark wood trim on the dashboard besides that the stitching on the seat too is dedicated specially for CC variant.

The V40 CC can easily carry 5 passengers inside while the rear has a massive boot which can easily fit almost everything that one needs for a weekend getaway. The last and the most important thing is the new table like infotainment system housed on the dashboard. This infotainment system supports Apple car play and android auto as well.



Although there are few engine options available under the hood of the car, the Indian spec V90 Cross Country will get only a single diesel engine option under the hood. The 2.0 Liter in-line 4-cylinder diesel motor with a twin-turbo unit is capable of generating about 235Bhp of peak power and an equally impressive 480Nm of torque. The engine is paired to a 8-speed automatic transmission which sends all that torque to the four wheels at the same time. This four wheel drive has been taken from the bigger XC90 SUV.

The four-wheel drive system does not work like any ordinary system, the power most of the time is delivered to the front wheels most of the time and are transferred to the rear wheels when it is needed. This drivetrain helps the V90 Cross Country to sprint from 0-100 km/h mark in 7.5 seconds while it has a top speed of 230 km/h mark.


ENGINESIn-line 4-cyl. twin turbo diesel
TypeTransverse, all wheel drive
Displacement, cm31969
Bore (mm)82.0
Stroke (mm)93.2
Engine cylinder block materialAluminium
Cylinderhead materialAluminium
Compression ratio15.8:1
Valves, no/cylinder4
Max output, kW (hp)/rpm173 (235)/4000
Max torque, Nm/rpm480/1750–2250



According to Volvo, the new suspension system which they use with the SPA platform is flexible and well tuned. Volvo chassis engineers have focused on four vital areas, the ground clearance has been raised by 60 mm, which helps give the car an impressive off-road capability, the car also features a completely new tyre which features softer and more rounded profile which adds better grip. Volvo has also taken care of the chassis adjustment as well at Volvo’s chassis testing facility. The car comes equipped with like we already mentioned all-wheel drive system, hill descent control, continuous control damping, electronic stability control and electronically power ass sited steering.



Until now Volvo has priced most of their cars quite competitively in the Indian market and unbelievably the V90 Cross Country has also been priced quite aggresively as well at INR. 60 Lakhs (All India ex-showroom) which makes is costlier by just INR. 5 Lakhs over the standard car.


At this priced point there are not many competitions for this car. The only other premium Estate car on offer in the Indian market is from the German auto manufacturer Audi, who introduced the RS6 Avant. The RS6 Avant is powered by a 4.0 liter V8 TFSI engine which is capable of producing an impressive amount of power and torque figures.



This will actually be a huge step from Volvo when they actually introduce the V90 Cross Country variant in the Indian market. This will be second Estate body styled car which will be available in India. The Cross Country surely will provide plenty at this price point including its rugged-looking exterior, elegant and well-equipped interior, powerful yet fuel efficient diesel drivetrain and last but not least its four-wheel drivetrain.

Offcourse for those who wants to live the outdoor life but also would like to impress their top bosses, then this is definitely an ideal car for you because it will suit almost every need of the owner.