Every auto show becomes a vital and important platform for various automakers to showcase their innovative ideas and concepts. The Beijing Auto Show being one of the important automotive events in Asia draws attention from every corner of the world. Hence, several automakers showcase their new products and concepts here.

Energy efficiency is a highly talked issue in the automotive world along with the environment friendly cars. At the 2016 Beijing Auto Show one small car has garnered attention from everyone, which is the Shell concept car, dubbed as the Project M. The car is based on automotive designer Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car concept, which was first showcased in 2010. 6 years later the Shell concept car is a result of that, developed by Gordon Murray, Shell and the Geo Technology. It took nearly three years to develop the model. Interesting fact is this is claimed to be the most fuel efficient car in the world, capable to deliver an amazing fuel economy of 38.46 kmpl.

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The car looks like a quadricycle. Some people may even mistake it as a redesigned Bajaj Qute. The entire car sports red, yellow and white colours all over the body. The small car sports animated eye like headlamps which probably gets LED units. The headlamps sit on the steeply sloping hood, while the front bumper gets a grey coloured carbon fibre element. To manufacture the body, the designers have used recycled carbon fibre on a tubular frame. The car gets a side squeezed look. The side profile gets some sleek and sharp character lines, while the front fenders come in a protruding appearance. There is actually no rear wheelarch, therefore the rear wheels come half covered. Interestingly, the car doesn’t get any side doors. Instead the front part of the cabin opens toward the front like a canopy. The rear of the car gets LED round shaped taillights, a roof spoiler with high mounted stop lamps.

Several parts of the car come as 3D printed. Due to the usage of carbon fibre elements the Shell concept is very lightweight, which significantly helped it in being energy efficient. This car weighs only 550 Kg, which is 80 Kg less than the T.25, which it is based on.

Dimensionally the car gets 2500 mm of length, 1350 mm of width and 1600 mm of height.


Length2500 mm
Width1350 mm
Height1600 mm



The interior looks very interesting and futuristic. The front gets a T shaped appearance, with the driver’s seating position at the centre. Well, we Indians are aware of this type of driving position with the widely popular public transport medium Autorikshaws in the country. The interior sports a white and grey dual tone theme with the red and yellow accent at the dashboard. The three spoke steering wheel is complemented by a fully digital instrument cluster at the front, while the dashboard gets a minimalist appearance. Both the sides of the dashboard sports small digital screens, while there are no wing mirrors visible, which indicates the car might get rear view cameras in place of wing mirrors, and those two small screens will act as displays. No wonder that will make it a very interesting model. The rear compartment of the small car gets dual occupant seats. Despite being such a small car Shell concept gets 160 litres of boot space making it practical.



You might be thinking with such an amazing fuel efficiency rate the Shell concept will surely get an electric powertrain, but wait. It is not an EV; instead the car is powered by an internal combustion engine run by petrol. Yes, you read it right.

Although the detail about the powertrain is yet to be revealed, but the manufacturers claim, that the Shell concept car can reduce 34% of fuel usage over its entire life period compare to the other small city cars. Compare to a SUV this car will deliver 69% more fuel efficiency. Lab tests show that the car emits 28% less CO2 compare to a standard city car and 32% less CO2 compare to a hybrid car. The Shell concept delivers a fuel economy around 38.46 kmpl while running at a speed of 70 kmph.


Fuel typePetrol
Fuel economy38.46 kmpl



The manufactures claim that this car will be available at an affordable price.



Despite being such a small car Shell concept shows practicality on the ground of future passenger transportation. It also shows the potential of the petrol engine with such amazing fuel efficiency and less CO2 emission. No wonder, this car will be a revolutionary car if the Shell concept comes as a production model.