Rolls Royce is known for making extra ordinarily luxurious and elegant cars. The BMW subsidiary has unveiled a new concept which gives us the preview of the future Rolls Royce designs. Christened as the Rolls Royce 103EX the concept is being called as the Vision Next 100 as well. Not only that, the car is arguably the wildest design ever made by the British luxury auto manufacturer. Interestingly, this concept also suggests that the British auto manufacturer will bring the automated driving technology infused in it, while the car will also be electrically powered, therefore making it completely emission free.

The Vision Next 100 concept comes with the subtle design cues which clearly identifies the Rolls Royce DNA in the concept, while the concept also depicts a futuristic approach through the exotic styling. Here we will take a close look and the bits and facts about the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 or the Rolls Royce 103EX.



The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 is definitely so much Rolls Royce. If you check out the front grille, the headlamps, the elongated look, everything is perfectly depicting a Rolls Royce vibe. At the front of the concept model, the rectangular LED headlamps, massive signature Rolls Royce vertically slatted grille and the long hood comes bearing the iconic Rolls Royce design language. But move a bit further toward the side, you will see the difference, and now the car looks entirely different than the present crop of Rolls Royce cars. The fenders remind me of the early era cycle style fenders, while the wheels also look very unique. Surprisingly both the front and the rear fenders come covering large parts of the huge 28 inch wheels which are made of 65 individual pieces of aluminium, and these fenders make an impression that the car is not running on the wheels but floating instead. From the side view the car looks a bit boxy as well. Apparently, the car looks more like a coupe than a sedan with its overall appearance. At the rear profile the car looks like floating as well. It gets a rear diffuser like a race spec car. The other interesting features include upward opening doors, dark glass at every direction, and an aircraft like canopy. Predictably, the concept based production model will come with higher aerodynamic efficiency as well compare to the present generation models.



The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 offers luxury at extreme once you step inside the car through the reverse hinged doors, another cue from the gone era styling. Once you step onto the red light filled running board, you will find the floor looks like wrapped in a plush carpet, while the interior is full of premium wooden trims at different places combined with premium materials. Inside the car up front there is no steering wheel or instrument cluster like the regular cars, but only a very large OLED screen positioned at the dashboard, which will work not only as an infotainment system but also as the driving command system for the owner. It suggests the car would come equipped with fully autonomous driving technology. Very interestingly, there is no driver seat as well; instead a sofa is positioned at the rear replacing the regular seats. Now with that the owner can enjoy massive amount of space inside delivering uber luxury along. Moreover, the Rolls Royce has designed the Vision Next 100 to afford more luggage and space. In an attempt to accommodate more luggages the concept gets a whole new compartment right behind the front wheels.



Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 looks like the car will come bearing a fully electric powertrain which will be borrowed from the BMW, and the car will be equipped with fully autonomous driving technology. In that case, no more fossil fuel engine for the car, and no more emission. On the power and performance front, the car is very likely to churn out more power than the present day V12 engines, and the British automaker claims, that car will deliver a magic carpet ride, which means it will come offering a smooth riding experience.



Lately, BMW has showcased its own Vision 100 concept which featured a revolutionary design and autonomous driving technology on offer for future. The Rolls Royce also walked on the same path. Being one of the leading luxury automaker the Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 has already stirred quite a sensation in the world automotive community. Although the production model is very unlikely to come out in near future, but when it does, that will be a true marvel, that’s for sure.