I was actually quite surprised when I heard that Mercedes is actually considering the Maybach S-Class for the Indian market. The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is the result and an effort of the German luxury car manufacturer to resurrect the Maybach brand which actually stopped building cars after 2012 because of their low demand and sales numbers.

Mercedes introduced the Maybach S-Class simultaneously at the Los Angeles, California and Guangzhou, China and later the production model at the 2015, Geneva Motor Show. The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is based on the recently launched Mercedes S-Class or (W222), however this flagship Mercedes model is actually 8 inches longer than the standard S Class which includes the length as well as the wheelbase. Now this is obviously one very expensive car and not meant for everybody, so this special saloon also needed special attention and that is why Mercedes has added not only extra space inside but also fitted it with some of the most expensive and one of a kind materials to make it stand out in the crowd and there is no doubt in the fact that it can obviously be called the ‘epitome of luxury’.

Now as far as their powertrain are concerned you obviously have to remember that this is one huge limousine and is almost 18 feet long and obviously weighs a lot with the addition of all those equipments inside. So in order to make this saloon run smoothly Mercedes has used a powerful V12 unit under its hood however there is also a provision of a smaller V8 unit too which produces an impressive amount of power and tons of torque which has made this luxurious vehicle pretty fast too and as a result of those powerful engines under its hood the Mercedes Maybach S-Class can sprint from 0-100 km/h mark in just 5.0 seconds.

The S600 is definitely not meant to be driven on a race track but rather inside some corporate office or maybe inside any luxurious hotels compound because there you need to arrive or leave in style and also with grace. And this new car helps you to do exactly that.

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Just like AMG, Maybach too is also a sub-brand of Mercedes and as I already mentioned earlier that this new Maybach S-Class is built on the Mercedes S-Class platform the exterior almost looks similar to the standard S-Class apart from the fact that this saloon is actually longer than the former by almost 8 inches.

To our surprise towards the front hood instead of the Maybach logo you will notice the Mercedes logo which is quite surprising but then is it too hard to recognize this as a Maybach? Actually not because the Maybach S-Class front grille gets a bolder look with thick chrome surrounds while the grille in particular gets three double stripes which actually looks bold yet fantastic. The lower lip also has been filled with chrome and also gets an air intake which actually take some seriousness off the front face and makes it little sporty. While towards the side profile the first thing you will notice is the length of this car, its long and helps you understand the amount of space that it provides inside. The Maybach stands on 20 inch alloy wheels although if you ask me personally I didn’t loved the design of the alloy wheels but thankfully Mercedes provides an option for different styled alloy wheels too. The C pillar of the car is where you will notice the first Maybach logo

While towards the rear you can also notice plenty of horizontal lines all over it, the chrome is also present towards the rear profile while the rest of the rear profile looks similar to what you will find in the S-Class, I particularly also loved the 4 exhaust outlets gives a sense of power and also tell you about the size of the massive engine. Lastly we can’t miss the Maybach lettering either.


Length5,453 MM (214.7 In.)
Wheelbase3,365 MM (132.5 In.)




Step inside the luxury saloon and you will find lot of the equipments inside which are also similar to what you will find inside the standard S Class but we were able to find out the difference.

The front dashboard gets wrapped in finest Nappa leather while towards the elbow support area of the front you will notice a Maybach crest engraved beautifully in the leather. The seats are more comfortable and come crafted with softer materials and offcourse! the V12 badge placed towards the front seats (you will find the V8 badge on the S500 variant), the door panels too come wrapped with finest leather. The sunroof too looks beautiful and gives you a sense of luxury inside, there is also a air freshener system which provides beautiful smell everytime you step inside the car. While the drivers voice is amplified towards the rear passenger via the tweeters placed at the back for easy and better communication. Towards the rear the Maybach S-Class comes with executive seats which are perhaps the most comfortable seats that you will find in this planet, these seats are not only comfortable but the occupants also have provision of reclining these seats to a certain level, these seats also comes with heating and cooling options as well as the massage function which you will also find in the standard S-Class.

Mercedes also has provided two beautifully crafted tables under the rear armrests which can be used for reading as well as placing your laptop or even having your lunch. There is also a fridge just at the back of the seats which can store your champagne or even some other cold drinks or beverages.

For privacy one can also activate sunshades which come as a standard with the car. While the entertainment of the passengers is taken care by the Burmester 3D surround audio system. So that is an overview of the interior of this luxurious ride however there are plenty more features that you definitely will find out by yourself once you get inside the car.



The Mercedes Maybach S-Class comes in two variants the S500 and offcourse the more powerful S600 variant. The S600 gets a powerful V12 biturbo engine which is capable of producing about 590 Hp of peak power and 890 Nm of torque, this engine helps this heavy sedan to accelerate almost like a sports car in just 5.0 seconds while the S500 on other hand gets the V8 biturbo engine which is capable of producing 455 Hp of peak power and an impressive 700 Nm of torque output.

The Maybach S500 will also be available with a Permanent all-wheel drive system. The Maybach S 500 is equipped with 9G-Tronic as standard while the S600 gets the 7G-Tronic plus automatic transmission. Both these luxury saloon has a top speed limited to about 250 km/h mark.



The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class prices starts at around 189,350 US dollars in the American market while S600 expect it to be priced above 5 Crore mark when it is launched in the Indian market .




Rolls Royce Ghosty seriously is one luxurious car and combines all the fine British craftsmanship. This interior is spacious and comes with all the luxury equipments and that offcourse includes plenty of leather and wood. While under the hood it gets 6.6 Litre V12 unit which is capable of producing an impressive 563 Hp of peak power.



The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class definitely gives a whole new meaning to the the word luxury inside a car. Surely there are plenty of other names in this particular segment including Rolls Royce and Bentley but this car combines the best of German engineering along with luxury which is worth noticing. Surely this car is a gas guzzler and drinks a lot but who really cares for that when you have really deep pocket.