According to the recent reports Renault will be launching their latest urban compact Crossover Captur in the Indian market to compete in one of the fastest growing popular compact SUV or Crossover segments of the Country. Presently this popular segment is dominated by Ford Ecosport which was launched back in the year 2013 while there are also reports of some other auto manufacturers including Maruti Suzuki to join the league with their brand new products.

The French Auto manufacturer actually started the trend of compact SUV’s in the Indian market when they launched the Duster back in 2012 which also helped them to improve their sales statistics in the market but with the introduction of some modern competitors somehow the sales of the popular Duster took a backseat, now in an attempt to revive the sales figures Renault is also exploring in some other auto segments of the Country like the MPV segment.

Although there is still some time in hand before this Urban Crossover finally makes it to the Indian shores but we can certainly inform you about the Renaults Captur which promises to combine the best features of a family hatchback along with an SUV and MPV.

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The Captur is built on the 4th generation Renault Clio hatchback platform and thus you can already understand that this car is agile and dynamic and when it comes to styling trust me this will surely attract the attention of anyone. Renault displayed the Captur for the first time as a concept back at the 2011, Geneva Auto show while the production version of the Captur was showcased at the 2013 Geneva Auto show.

The Captur seems to blend the sharpness of a hatch and the muscular appeal of a SUV perfectly and quite honestly it still manages to look good. To give it the much needed offroad appeal Renault has also provided the Crossover with an impressive ground clearance of 200 mm while the large wheels also helps to add the sporty stance. Now because this is an urban Crossover so it must also appeals to those who are looking for an upmarket appeal in their vehicle and that is also where the fluid lines come into play towards its side profile. Don’t miss out the steep racked windscreen either because it contributes to the cars dynamics.

The car is designed in such an impressive way that the rear profile does not look boxy at all and also gives the owners and the occupants to load and unload things easily.




The purpose of Renault was to make the Captur practical and user friendly and that is what is reflected from the interior. The most impressive thing about the Capturs interior is the space it offers to store things, there is a huge tray like storage space which replaces the traditional hinged glovebox and promises to offer more space than the conventional glovebox,l while the other storage areas are located at the door and even on the top of the dashboard and if you thought that is the end of it then please hold on because Renault also offers space in between the front seats. While the boot in particular offers 330 Litres of space. While the middle row seats slides forward and provides even more space at the boot if you really need it.

Now when it comes to space the Crossover promises to provide an impressive one for the occupants inside because it is based on the Clio platform. Just like the exterior Renault also provides plenty of options for customization inside the cabin also. In the International market Renault offers customization options even for the multimedia interface which is offered with four extremely premium audio speakers. The drivers seats comes with adjustable height feature which gives the person commanding view of the road ahead.



When it comes to drivetrain Renault offers number of engine options for the Urban Crossover in the International market but it will most probably be offered with the 1.2 Liter petrol engine while the diesel variant will get the 1.5 Litre unit. Both this engines can be seen on number of other Renault and Nissan vehicles such as the Duster, Micra, Sunny and even the Fluence sedan and offers a power range in between 80-110 Ps.

We will definitely update you all with more details of the drivetrains as soon as they are available with us.



Although nothing much has been revealed about the compact SUV yet but we know that it will compete directly with the Ford Ecosport when it finally launches in the Indian market. Thus expect the pricing to be in between 6-8 Lakhs. The initial reports also states that the car will be designed to be below sub 4 metre in length to avail the excise benefits.




The Ford Ecosport is the only tough competitor to this upcoming Renault Captur urban Crossover untill and unless Maruti launched their much awaited compact SUV XA Alpha. The Ecosport has number of engine options including the 1.5 Litre Petrol, the popular 1.0 Litre Ecoboost and the 1.5 Litre diesel engine option.



The Renault captur will definitely help Renault to win the hearts of the Indian consumers once again just like they did with their Duster SUV because the Urban Crossover brings with the best of both worlds. The Captur is stylish as well practical at the same time and it will be using the tried and tested Renault engines under its hood which will definitely give more confidence to the buyers. Definitely Renault will cut some features from the International variant to keep the overall prices down but still this car definitely will help the French auto manufacturer to take on their competition.